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    Review my small, fun website

    Hey, X10 hosting. I love the free part of anything, glad you're still making money. Just felt like sharing my bits of content of my small website that I'll probably forget about or not want to update. It has both a WordPress blog, I'm new to this blogging thing by the way, and its a static html...
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    Review My Site, If You Want

    Hello, x10 host users! I just wanted to post up my website, although I do not have much but maybe just the feel of it to review. Feel free to suggest items, but I'm not much of a web designer. Currently, I am using iWeb (Mac) and Filezilla to FTP Upload to x10hosting. But, here's the link to my...
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    FileZilla is what I use.
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    I'm New!!!

    Hey, welcome!
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    Thank you

    Also, I was wondering when I was reading through the Policy's: Can I put a webplayer up to play my favorite songs? And, I think i can put my own pictures up, too? Like, its basically saying only I can use it and now have millions of people use it to host their files. but I can host a few...
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    Thank you

    Great service. Been looking for something exactly like this [free] for about 3+ hours. Found this from i may plan on purchasing, especially if it will improve the speed of the website. Also, one question. If I put my address in, will you send me things? (i do not want things :p)...