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    POWER METAL - What do you think?

    Stratovarius ;)
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    Looking for teamspeak vps

    hmmmmmmmmmm had a look on google, and as a permanent/semi-permanent solution there isnt much. If you wasnt on CoD4, i would of said ill get together with our other admins and ask if we could set you up a channel/sub channels, but we've had trouble with that before when on same games so i...
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    Trackmania Nations Forever

    if anyone wants to add me ingame (not "steam"-ing pile of crap) my ingame name is: Tektrnica You can also download car model skins from my site, and soon all my custom racetracks,which are generally long, rally style tracks on dirt. :D
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    PC Specs

    Currently: Athlon64 3000 2Gb DDR400 nVidia GeForce 512mb 7950GT and jut under 1Tb of hard drive space but this will be replaced soon by this: Intel Core2 Quad Q9450 8Gb G-skill DDR2 Ram Asus nForce 780i mobo WD raptor main drive 2x WD Caviar 1Tb drives Asus GeForce 9800GX2 1024Mb Creative...
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    Would You....

    Nope, def. not my type of music.
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    how do i?

    replace "green" with the colour code #99FF33 :D
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    Looking for teamspeak vps

    presuming you have a clan server, you should get TS/Vent with it.... so once you got that you'll have one :P
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    Make £200 a month upwards!!!

    yeah, it is nice, its a nice lil dig at stupid people who think its great to sit there watching ads for 0.000000000001cents per hour in the hope that in 50years time they might have a dollar... get out there and get a job :P lol
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    What are your favourite bands?

    Iron Maiden. plain and simple. lol greatest band to walk the earth.
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    Make £200 a month upwards!!!

    Make £200 a week upwards!!! Heres a perfect way to get upwards of £200 a week!!!! It never fails, works all the time, ive been in this scheme for ages... make money scheme
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    Help with Photoshop and Dreamweaver

    w3 is your friend :D
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    Whts wrong wid Britney?

    maybe shes finally realised that in the music world shes nothing but a fake ass piece of corporate junk? just a guess....
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    Help with Photoshop and Dreamweaver

    yes but that means using nasty iFrames :P heheheh
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    Help with Photoshop and Dreamweaver

    Basically the code PS gives you is for a complete webpage, if your putting it into another webpage that YOU have made you need to cut bits and pieces out from it. Now, between your <head> and </head> tags on YOUR created page, you need to paste this: <!-- FlashObject embed by Geoff...
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    Social site we're hoping will be all the buzzz!

    contry to the above post, the colour scheme is very good, if the guy knew anything about the meanings of colour, black gives off an air off professionalism if used correctly. Ok so its not "feature" rich but it works, and if it is indeed coded by hand, very damn well. Well done.
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    Did you download any GTA mods?

    have been modding it for a while now, lets just say its install footprint is near enough 9Gb at the mo. :\ gonna be re-packaged as an install file soon as i find the time :\
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    Website creation

    bit of both, being able to see it in DW is a nice plus, but still work in the code window more than the design window...
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    What is da bestest?

    Perhaps thats the problem... people will just skip over them as most of the forums have mandatory rules to read... But seriously. Get CoD4. great game and so much fun :D
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    What do you think of Grand Theft Auto 4

    I cant see it being worth gettin for console, but the PC version when it hits the street, now ill be getting that... purely down to the fact that on PC GTA is one of the most moddable, and editable games going.
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    Disk full error.

    Hi, when uploaded some files a few minutes ago, i encountered this error: "Command: STOR Stadium XS-iii.Challenge.Gbx Response: 553 Disk full - please upload later Error: Critical error Response: 553 Disk full - please upload later Error: Critical error Status: Disconnected...