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    Php upgrade

    I have the error Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of preg_replace() with /e modifier is forbidden by configuration in /home/andypri/public_html/forums/sources/classes/class_display.php(196) : regexp code on line 196 and have been told to upgrade my php from basic to Intermediate PHP Configuration...
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    Site down with this error

    I dont know how long its been down I have just come home to find this message where my site should be Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of preg_replace() with /e modifier is forbidden by configuration in /home/*****/public_html/forums/sources/classes/class_display.php(196) : regexp code on line 196...
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    Im been having some real problems today my site is going (unable to connect) alot and when I check the server status it says the cossack is down this has been going on all day once maybe twice an hr I will lose site for anywhere from sec's to 10+mins are you guys working on the server or...
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    cossacks down again

    Cossacks has gone down again but the cossack post which I posted in not 20mins ago was closed due to problem fixed but its down again *** Edit By time had posted it was back up again***
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    When working on a web site be it building a new one or updating one or even just doing a bit of coding for a programing do you have anything on in the background like music /tv or don't you like to have anything on while you work ? For me I have to have some metal playing while I work on any...
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    Account gone

    My accounts gone ? I cant login to ftp/cpanel or site and I tried to use but it says An error has occurred The username specified does not exist. im tried 4 times and get the same everytime and on my site it says Hosting Account Suspended Your account has been...
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    Sex Before Marriage

    Could you not have sex with someone before your married them I only ask this question as im due to get married later this year myself and me and my partner have been having sex however speaking to a mate of mine him and his now wife did not have sex before they where married however he did say...
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    No site no ftp

    I cant get site to work or ftp im got the site on there was working on it refreshed and its gone no can't connect to server and im getting the same with ftp cant connect to server ????
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    Disc Full

    I had this problem when I first got account and im got it again now keeps saying cant upload to ftp because disc is full but in fact its empty (because I deleted my site) as im didnt like a few things and was gonna start again but everything I try keep getting disc full any idea wen it will be...