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    Rate The person above you

    3.1415 / 10 for still having those really annoying locks!
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    Free Software Suggestions

    Good list of apps, thanks i'll have alook at some of these.
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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Impressive list, i could lose a few weeks of my life just trying to figure out which of those i even like.
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    WHich is the best Antivirus

    I use AVG, background activities mostlly. Disabled scans as i keep an eye on what goes onto computer. Use a Ghost if you are ever really worried about files.
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    Post your specs

    19" Widescreen LCD 3.2 GHZ Pentium 4 3 GB RAM nVidia GeForce FX 5200 Windows XP SP3 80 GB HDD
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    Which Day do you Prefer?

    It has to be Friday. Winding down from a hard week and get to look forward to a good night out and a lie in. Usually drags on to Saturday and the bllissful non work for another 72 hrs. Wekened starts on Friday at five so that's my favourite.
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    what is the worst accident that has happened in your town?

    A bus crashed a couple years back, slid on some ice and went through some railings near a school. Not really that big but i'm from a very small town what can i say.
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Downloading in progress, should be interesting, can't be worse than Vista!
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    Does anyone have any teen friendly or total begginer site for java/python my lectures at uni for this first year didn't bother to learn the course and just sent us to this website and told us to work our way through.
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    Forum game <King of the hill>

    I took the hill from ichwar when left to post on X10
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    [game} Rename the person above you

    ichwar = itchy.warrior
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    The Ctrl+V game

    President Obama signed the order to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay. And, in the spirit of ending torture, Obama also ended the New Kids on the Block tour.
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    game: kill the above user

    I Kill alexandgruntz with the power of a hawk, wolf, puma and bear!
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    Last Rep Recieved Game

    I've avoided so far.
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    Flushing your DNS

    Thanks that is really helpful.=P
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    Which touchscreen phone would you go for?

    I have an HTC Artemis however i've been long overdue for an upgrade and have finally found a found which is of notable performance improvement. I'll be going for the HTC HD. Much like the Iphone 3G but with a fez nicer features, the screen and the extensibility being the main two.
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    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    Finally on holdays, 3 weeks relief from the mindless monotony of the working life. Arrived in Paris 4 days ago and got stuck in Parisian traffic extending my 30 drive into a 4 hour one. Not amusing! Having problems assigning the required mail addresses to my account, seems to tell me i am...
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    New to FTP

    As gsonline mentioned, for security reasons FileZilla FTP server does it's bit to disguise your password. If you are able to log in once you can just use the quick connect as by default your settings are saved. If you are not confident about entering your password into the field without seeing...
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    What do you do on the computer?

    Spend my working day on the computer which breaks down into: Research for work Spend more than my fair share of time doing U-value Calculations and condensation risk calculations AutoCAD, recently spent much of the last couple months mastering Sketchup (which is actually fantastic) For...
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    Any one use windows mobile 6 or 6.1?

    I've gone through various generations of the WM, currently using WM6.1 on HTC Orbit. Must say your app list varies largely from mine. As khaledphp mentioned Resco 2008 with the FTP addon is about as good as it gets. You'll also be upgrading to a vastly superior File manager too. Regarding...