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    Site removed

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    account suspension

    (Removed and submitted as ticket)
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    account suspension

    I've been gone for quite some time, and haven't updated my site in a month or so. Last I remember, I was trying to get ASP working and was failing miserably; even a blank site would give a huge error list. Still, I don't remember changing the main page from an ASP one before I left, so it was...
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    ASP.NET: Error 500

    Alright, other people have had this same problem, though I haven't found a solution yet on the forums. Corey (all hail) recently moved me to the enabled server, whereupon I tested the ASP.NET site I uploaded. There's no code, just a master page that loads data from other pages and a...
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    I've searched the forums for a bit and I'm still not clear on the ASP bit. I'd like to be able to run my ASP site (even though it is still just a baby) on x10, and since the server I'm hosted on right now is running Linux, that isn't possible. Could I get my account transfered to a...
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    Ad problem

    Not so much a problem... well, yea, it is. Every time I try to get to the cPanel login, the page loads one of the ads, which redirects the page to, effectively making it impossible for me to use the cPanel. Could you perhaps filter some of the...
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    cPanel Password reset

    I've completely forgotten my cPanel password due to rarely ever using it. I usually log in using ftp, and have the password saved so I never have to type it in. Quite the bad habit. So anyway, I'd really like it if ya'll would reset my pass :) Thanks! username: elements (or Elements? I...
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    deleted account

    I'm unsure why, but my account has apparently been deleted. I had it unsuspended several days ago, as I had been unable to log onto the forum during the few weeks surrounding Christmas. After that, everything seemed fine; however, after trying to log in today, I found it gone. I would greatly...
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    text ads do not show up in xhtml

    I'm not sure whether or not someone has addressed this issue already, so let me bring it up anyway: I wrote my website in xhtml 1.1 (yes, it is valid :) and named it with the proper .xhtml extension. However, upon doing so, I noticed that the text ads refuse to work. After a bit of fiddling...
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    webpage oddity

    Very strange problem I haven't been able to figure out: I have a light blue background on my webpage that's in both the body css and a overlay div, yet whenever x10's text ad refuses to work properly (displays no text), the blue background only extends a few lines down, yet when it does work, it...
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    FTP not cooperating

    First off, I'm using FireFTP, an ftp add-on for Firefox. Secondly, I can log in to my cPanel, and I used that to create a new FTP account (as I could not login with my default account). The new FTP account can actually connect to the ftp server, but here's the output I get when I try...
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    various issues

    When I set up my account, I distinctly remember selecting either 'advanced' or 'corporate' as I wanted the additional sub domains and email accounts from the corporate option; however, when I tried setting up an email account, I noticed that I am not allowed any, when I should have 5 or 15. I'd...
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    It has been less than a day since I created my account on here, and already I have gotten the following email: and another again 10 minutes later. The ip listed apparently belongs to a game development team, and is running a webserver. I rather hope someone is merely trying to be a jerk to...
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    Well, I'm a newb here, I admit it, so bear with me. I just created an account and went to log into the cPanel (thinking that was how I am supposed to get started) and ran into a bit of a snare at the Link Account page - it says that my account does not exist. My account is the same as my...