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    Why does x10Hosting Status say [Complete] Stoli - Maintenance when it is not complete

    Re: Why does x10Hosting Status say [Complete] Stoli - Maintenance when it is not comp No income is generated from you, yourself since no ads. There isn't a free lunch in teh world.
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    How to change the limit of space?

    upgrade to illuminated
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    Change to Inactivity Policy

    Makes a lot more sense.
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    iPhone 5 or Not?

    iPhone 4s, disappointment.
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    Cannot connect to Boru server even though it\'s up

    Hmm..I guess so. Sigh, stupid abusers/ddossers ruin everything. Thanks.
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    Cannot connect to Boru server even though it\'s up

    Hi, I cannot seem to connect to the boru server at all. Whenever I use sites like it shows that my webpage is up. I\'m not sure whether or not my IP was blocked. I was uploading content every 5-6 minutes via FTP because I was updating my webpage. I had to reconnect each time...
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    Upcoming Free Hosting Change

    I know how hard it is to manage a mass of users. Although the server does lag from time to time, staff is doing a great job with managing the servers and dealing with abusers. I don't expect miracles to happen here as I understand it's free hosting. Thank you for providing free hosting for as...
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    Domain Issue

    I've been kindly waiting for my domain to modify. It has become ridiculous so I'm opening another ticket. If a simple domain modification couldn't be done than please, support staff state, "We do not know how to modify a domain. We cannot change the domain. There is a system error beyond our...
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    Domain Modification

    Bump this up. :)
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    New Year

    happeh new year
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    Domain Modification

    I don't mean to spam or anything, but I've waited over a month now for a simple domain change. Could anyone please at least take a look at this? Thanks.
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    Domain Modification

    Hello, Happy Holidays to you all. I'm still awaiting on any updates. Any response would be appreciated!
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    Domain Modification

    lol, any updates?.....
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    x10Hosting Server Monitor (created by Piotr GRD)

    Very interesting, shows you how everyone should switch to paid hosting if they really need reliability :P Not trashing x10, I understand that there is no way they can handle everything will the masses of people "free loading." I used to run a company 4-5 years ago and realized it wasn't...
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    Domain Modification

    It's been 9 days since the request. I'm not in too much of a rush, but I'd like to have an estimated amount of time it may take. Thanks.
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    Domain Modification

    I'm just curious how long domain modifications might take. I've submitted it for a few days, not sure if you've noticed so I'm just making sure. Thanks. Hosting Domain Modification submitted November 29 at 10:41 pm 5PWzhlwWs44Z action status Process wait information A change to your...
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    New Prime Membership!

    semuanya61, the only difference between prime and free membership is what is stated. Free=Login Prime=No login Free=No money Prime=Cost money Simple concept.
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    Holograms replacing rock stars?

    It's amazing how technology has advanced so far. However, I believe that stuff can target little kiddies, but never older aged ppl.
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    10 pts. for 1 day sponsorship

    Tested your site and the email thing is pretty cool. However, the email seems to display the same email twice instead of once. Not a really big problem. This site is build to provide one time disposable email address without any registration or login.Built instead of build sounds better.
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    Important Poll

    Considering they are becoming out-dated this will force people to use more technological advanced things. Can't be stuck in an obsolete age can we? Also, it'd put resources to better use. Short: Drop them.