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    Cannot find page . cant find page from time to time then sometimes msql is down sorry for the inconvenience we will be back shortly? Just asking is this maintanance or will it be fixed soon?
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    Cant see the site and login to cpanel

    Ok lol i logged in once today, then loged out and like 2 hours after i tried to go into my site and i cant see it then i tried to login and i dont get a login box. Now i had this problem once before, When i tried to login to many times but today i only logged in once and then logged out and...
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    Suspended ?

    [B]cPanel Username: usr [B]Subdomain: [B]How long your account has been up: like a week [B]Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes on every page since first day, but at bottom of page, Also asked for people to help me in posting the banner...
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    Bab stats setup help?

    Hey did anyone ever try to setup babstats i tried to go to their forums but they dont talk about setting it up. I tried to set it up and i managed to set it up with allot of problems and i have the templates set and stuff. I put it in modules now whenever i click on modules i cant get in...
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    Site up for 10 min and then down

    Hey i just got into my c panel went to setup my ftp account and downloaded a raw script in order to connect to the servers throught netwrok places. The scrip didnt install. There was an error so i deleted it then i closed my c panel and all ie pages and try to open the site or the c panel but i...