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    Congratulations Obama!

    Obama is the lessor evil. According to some Hillary might want to be VP.
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    mac osx

    I will be doing that sometime in the future I belive the x86 forums have a step by step process. I'll have to find the link though. You also have to make sure your hardware is compatible with OSX not everything is
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    How much you weigh?

    180lb, mostly fat :( I really need to start exercising
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    My New Internet Speeds

    You have Fios right? Fios isn't available in my area :( Stupid verizon not providing it to buildings in queens
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    When is Microsoft going to Merge?

    Google and Yahoo might form a partner ship. Basically a Yahoo search will start displaying Google text ads or something similar.
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    Optical Illusion

    Only works for a few seconds then they all stop moving. Is that supposed to happen?
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    Yahoo! Hears its Death Knell?

    I betting google will make a partnership with Yahoo, just to stick it to Microsoft
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    Nine-year-olds plotted to tie up, hurt teacher;_ylt=AvSvhVGoNLZpqGTAcoJD7JjtiBIF Weird, I'm surprised by the organization. Was the teacher in any real danger? How much of a threat could a bunch of 9 year olds be?
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    Not receiving mail

    I'm not receiving any mail in my account. Friends have claimed to sent e-mail which I've never received. I also tested it using gmail. I can send mail using horde or squirrel mail, but can't receive mail. I sent a test mail to my gmail account, gmail received it, but when I replied nothing...
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    email problem?

    I tried sending e-mail using thunderbird and webmail using horde. I got an error using both. With horde I got as the message I also sent a test e-mail from gmail to my email account I haven't received it yet. Was just wondering if there was a problem with the e-mail system?
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    Diesel fumes can affect your brain, scientists say

    Link I always knew diesel fumes were bad for your lungs, but never suspected they affected your brain.
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    AP probe finds drugs in drinking water

    source I Wonder what they will find next I wanted to post the entire article but it had too many characters
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    Neat video

    I found this video on another forum. Thought I would share it here. Use firefox and open it in a new window. THe video involves your browser window
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    Anyone Watch Terminator SCC

    I was wondering how many of you watch terminator the sarah connor chronicles? What do you think of the show? I like it, has a few glaring errors, like John having type AB blood when his mom has O. Hope fox decides to keep the show for a season or two
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    How do I find out what server I'm on?

    I went to the link given in the sticky got this "Debug Info: $ip =". Looked in the control panel and can't see where the server information is listed. I was just wondering because I can access my control panel, but my site doesn't load. I know there is a problem with the servers...
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    Imap folders? General authentication failure

    I had to manually configure outlook express to send and receive e-mail. When I was done it said something along the lines of no folders would you like to see a list of folders? I clicked yes, it started to connect but then gave a general authentication failure none of the authentication methods...
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    I'm looking for a website builder.

    Hi, I new to website developing/building. I have zero knowledge on how to code. Are there any good free site builders? I tried NVU, it seem great, I was wondering if there are any others?
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    Static Plan

    I was looking at some page creaters/ blogging software. Some require Mysql and PHP. Will I have those under the ad enhanced static plan? Or would I have to upgrade?
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    Can't access email with webmail

    I followed the directions to setup an e-mail account. I'm on the ad enhanced static hosting. I can't seem to check my e-mail. It will accept the password but when I click on read mail using x10 hosting I get DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED! Unable to connect to the database!Please contact...
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    Using your own domain?

    How do host a domain you own here? I a complete newbie when It comes to web hosting. I own a domain I would like to host here. After signing up I added checked the box that says add your own domain. Now what? Do I change the name servers? If so to what? After changing the DNS, do I edit my page...