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    Anyone enjoying Left 4 Dead?

    Zombie killing might me amusing, but human killing as a zombie is plain hillarious :P especially if you do pcw's and plan attacks and stuff it really gets interesting.
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    I really like how people suddently post about this game the minute I do it, but I guess that's life.
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    Mybrute, fun small game

    You guys need to try out mybrute. Basically you do arena fights and you can improve and beat your mates. What to do. Goto That would be my brute that you're having your openingfight against. It doesn't matter which one you're having it against. What you do is...
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    CSS Wrapper

    Your index file isn't working for me, but your indextest.html looks centered in Safari :)
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    Clean URL problem

    I might have made myself unclear on what the purpose of using ForceType and FilesMatch was also on the link I provided. What I really want is to access the file's-law and then as the link suggests use ForceType and FilesMatch to let article.php handle that link and then...
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    Clean URL problem

    That's wierd, becuase this article among others imply that the solution to clean URLs are ForceType
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    Clean URL problem

    I have problems with configuring my new site here at x10hosting to use Clean URL's. I read the posts on the forum on this topic and none of the solutions worked for me. What I have tried to do is to add the following lines to my /home/xxx/public_html/.htaccess file <FilesMatch "^article$">...