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    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

    I bought an online copy a couple of years back and got quite addicted. But I haven't played since I got a new computer.
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    Geico Commercial

    Geico is so far ahead of everyone else when it comes to commercials. People try to buy their bloody gecko for God sakes.
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    Does Anybody Use Twitter?

    Twitter is the first thing that made me feel old. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I can't motivate myself to get into twitter. Too many social networking sites as it is.
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    Anyone tried the new Palm Pre yet? I would love some feedback on it.
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    Need Monster names and images

    I need a bit more detail are you looking for like "cyanic spider" or like a random name that has never existed?
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    Word Association

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    What's your favorite song?

    Live Forever by Oasis is my favourite. I guess that's Rock unless I missed a Britpop option.
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    When somebody close to you has cancer, how do you stop being angry

    First off, my condolances. I can't imagine what you and your family are going through and I can only wish you the best. As for advice, the only thing I can suggest is to learn absolutely everything there is to learn about it. Personally I find alot of comfort in knowledge, and I know that...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Yeah the only reason I asked about the Netbook is because they said it could be done (and given that they've got it working on a Pentium I I'm sure its possible). No real interest in switching from XP anyway since I've got it running smoothly. Besides I don't do anything really resource...
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    Is religion a valid argument in debate?

    I'm stuck, because I absolutely believe in not imposing specific religious beliefs on anyone- but I do believe that universally accepted (worldwide) beliefs/practices are perfectly valid in a debate. So in the case of a religious belief that is central to all major religions (and there are...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Does anyone have experience with 7 on a netbook? I'm intrigued but want to hear more before I do anything to replace XP.
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    My Cat Downloaded the Porn, Not Me!

    I wonder if my girlfriend will buy that the next time I get caught with real porn
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    MS reversed in mice

    Interesting... But I'm very skeptical because the article doesn't start with "in the August issue of". Those people would be out of there minds from a scientific perspective to not publish in a major peer reviewed journal before announcing to mass media. It seems to me to be a case of...
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    Build a computer in...

    My personal favourite is the guys I've seen who turn the original NES into a computer. That's classy.
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    The Ctrl+V game I was rickrolling someone.
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    Worst Things a Girl Said to you?

    "You make me completely miserable". That's about as mean as it can get.
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    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    I agree with the lack of solid stories in videogames. The absolute peak IMO was Ocarina of Time. That game could be made into a movie any day of the week... just an amazing enthralling game. But games, and stories like that have gone the way of the dodo in favour of the action, easy multiplayer...