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    Earn 25 Credits for Completing a Simple Survey!

    This is not AdBux. I am not offering cash incentives. This is affiliate marketing. Thank you very much.
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    Earn 25 Credits for Completing a Simple Survey!

    Yeah, I do get paid to generate leads to these surveys. I would offer cash, but right now my PayPal is a bit low. PM's will be sent very shortly, thanks for the interest!
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    Get paid to complete the offers - 100% Free!!

    I signed up under you. Thanks for the info, it will help me get some extra quick cash. :)
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    i want to buy some script

    I clicked it. :)
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    Link Exchange wanted from anything related to 'make money online'

    Hey everyone, my make money online blog has link spaces available in the Blogroll section in the sidebar. I am looking for link exchanges with any sites related to 'making money online,' or anything of the sort. At the moment, my blog gets around 25-45 views per day, and had 331 visitors LAST...
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    Earn 25 Credits for Completing a Simple Survey!

    PM sent, thanks for your interest! Anyone else? :)
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    The Most Important Factor In An RPG Game

    Graphics, features, and the story line are all the most important things in a game to me. If it's low on any one of those, I probably won't play it. I have yet to find a game that is extremely fun to me. Most games are boring, have alright graphics, and there is hardly anything to do.
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    I leave my computer on all of the time. I very rarely shut down or restart my computer, unless I just installed something that requires a restart, or if I'm leaving the house for days at a time. I think turning the computer on and off all the time will wear out your hard drive and memory.
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    McAfee has been known to create its own viruses. Norton is just a piece of crap anyways. I wouldn't use either one. I would suggest using Kaspersky or Avast instead. They are much faster, safer, and better than any other anti-viruses I have found in the past. Nod32 is also a good anti-virus as...
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    Is Chess a sport?

    I wouldn't consider chess to be a sport. There is no activity involved. It is a strategy game, no doubt.
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    Earn 25 Credits for Completing a Simple Survey!

    Hey everyone. My affiliate account has tons of surveys and market research offers available for me to generate leads to, so I am offering here some easy credits for some easy work. If you are interested, I am willing to pay 25 credits per survey. Just post here, and I will send you a PM right...
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    how can u earn by this sites?

    You've gotta post more than atleast 3 words.. Tell us what you want to do, what your plans are, and ask how you can improve them or ask for different ways you can make money doing so. Your 'question' is too vague and unclear, as Azuremyst said.
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    Best PTC ever!

    All the PTC sites are the same, but this one is for sure an opportunity to make some money. I may check it out, thanks for the information. :)
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    This site really Work? doesn't offer payments via PayPal.. They pay via Alertpay. You can sign up for free there.
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    Make $100 Per Week!

    How are we sure that it isn't a scam? I am not assuming things, I'm just helping out so everyone can gain a little trust. Some proof of earnings would be nice. If you have proven this method to work before, then you should be able to show some screenshots. I wouldn't just give $10 to a stranger...
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    Adsense to a Paypal Account

    Getting checks doesn't bother me really, but getting paid via PayPal would definitely be something that Google should do. I suppose it all depends on if the company has a PayPal account, which I highly doubt. They would have billions and billions of dollars in one account, which probably...
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    Newest WP Design

    Thanks! :)
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    Newest WP Design

    Thanks. :) I'm proud of it actually, hah. What does everyone else think?
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    Newest WP Design

    I think you're right. Do you it would make it look better if I made the entire bottom just a copyright section, maybe something else, and have it a 3-column theme? It would be wider. :P And then I could add a RSS Feed button just to the right of the 468x60 advertisement section. Those are my...
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    Newest WP Design

    Hey everyone, I just finished designing this and I want to know what people think of it. I honestly think all of my designs suck, but that's just because it's me, haha. Here it is: v1. <-old v2. <-new Post your constructive...