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    Everything gone after migration

    Thank you guys so much. The wait was OK. It appears everything is fine. Keep up the good work!
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    Everything gone after migration

    Just a follow up to see if there's been any progress with this. Thanks
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    Everything gone after migration

    This is still unresolved. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Everything gone after migration

    I hope I am posting this in the correct place. First time I've had trouble with the service. I saw that the migrations were completed but I still get a 403 error when attempting to open any of my pages and there is absolutely nothing in my file manager in cPanel. I also see no disk usage, no...
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    Not sure where to go with this....

    Thanks. Sorry for the long wait for a reply, I just got off a plane. It does appear that everything is back in order now. My site looks OK and I can log in to the cPanel. ---------- Post added at 06:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:51 PM ---------- Closing thread as problem was solved.
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    Not sure where to go with this....

    I went online today and my website ( is one of my homepage tabs. If you look at the tab below, this is what my website looks like now. I also attempted to log in to my account panel at and was able to do so. When I attempted to access my cPanel, I got an "IP...
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    How old are you?

    Believe me when I say "No offense taken". My reference to "old man" was in the context of my perception of "older than many in the forums". Thanks for the holiday wishes and I return them to you and yours. Hopefully we will be back in Brady in the future. We (my team and I) used to train...
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    How old are you?

    Ahhhhhhh Youth.........You're "Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof"! Please try to remember a few things. 1. Computers ain't life and life ain't computers 2. You think you know a lot because you know computers but you don't know life. Adults have lived life a lot longer than you and have...
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    How old are you?

    47 tomorrow. Looking at the poll, I don't feel like the only "old man" on here.
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    Unable to access content in the "Useful Information" Forum

    I'm not sure what happened but I seem to be able to access information at all of the forums I use except the Useful Information forum. Once in that forum, any topic that I select gives me the following message: I am not trying to edit a post or post a new thread. Just wanted to see some of...
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    A big Thank You...........

    I wanted to post a BIG THANK YOU to the X10 staff for their hard work and patience during this "crisis" with the servers, hardware and cPanel software. Even though I don't know exactly what you're going through I know it has to be very stressful A very special Thank You goes to the staff...
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    The right to use weapons

    I guess, through chance or not, you proved all my points. Sorry. A) "They take the jobs we won't do" is invalid until you add "for the wages they offer". Why work 40 hours for a job that still won't pay the bills? B) As for "us" being solely responsible for the use of drugs out of...
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    The right to use weapons

    Of course you have the right to defend yourselves. Everyone on the planet should feel secure in their life and be able to pursue a life of liberty and happiness. I can't say that know what you're going through because I can't even find a point of reference to compare what you're going through...
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    Check your website Value

    My estimated value on my site: $38,247.22? Why? Daily Ad Earnings: $35.54 Daily traffic Earnings: $16.50 Potential Annual Earnings: $15,090.74 Ad Earnings? My site is Ad-Free as far as I know. (I didn't put any in there!)
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    I actually had something similar to that happen to me a few months back. I was helping a friend do a few repairs on her house. She had bought some items that she couldn't use and asked me to take them back, get the money back and buy the correct items. While I was in the customer service...
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    Backup Proposal, Please Leave Feedback

    I voted for the monthly backups. I'm not going to lose my job / house / family if my data gets lost. Just have to start over. If I ever get to the point that the site is "required", I will go to a paid hosting plan. I am also in agreement with several others here. Do your own backups and...
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    inactivity email

    Sharky's idea of a home tab and "Remember Me" has worked for me, also. If I remember correctly, I joined X10 in December 2007 and haven't had a suspension for inactivity yet.
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    Important Poll Regarding Disk Space

    I voted to increase the disk space solely based on the idea of people being responsible for their own backups. If there were an option to "Keep the same disk space and keep your own backups" I would vote for that. More disk space would be cool but not necessary. I agree with the people that...
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    Please review my website. :-D

    Your site has been suspended so I couldn't see anything. Hope you get that cleared up and good luck.
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    Installing Linux

    One distro I found by mistake recently was Mint Linux (Mint Linux URL) and so far was the easiest to install and setup. Sound, video, and wireless all worked (even from a Live CD all I had to do to get wireless to work was to give the key for my wireless router and I was online with wireless...