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  1. batman1

    Has anyone tried forex?

    Has anyone tried and been successful with forex trading? A friend of mine is planning to spend $1000s in forex after he finish practicing. Do you think its a good idea? :confused:
  2. batman1

    Review welcomed for

    Looks professional. You might want to change the favicon to your own icon unless you are advertising
  3. batman1

    I'm back!

    I also left but had to return. Not so happy though site keeps on being suspended due to resource overload and what not. Anyway welcome back echo_unlimited
  4. batman1

    Cron job to backup database

    I think it works, I used one once to backup my database. But it wasn;t with cron
  5. batman1

    A ton of php errors.

    It has something to do with the include or include_once path. The path seems to be wrong.
  6. batman1

    getting started with programming

    You have a lot of work. For "basic" you can try w3schools. Then after to directly to the PHP website then the mysql page. Security will be a major issue in your case since there is no training.
  7. batman1

    SQL Injection?

    Is that the entire page? From what i am seeing once you hit that page an email will be sent. + I dont see the use of an SQL there.
  8. batman1

    MySQL Too Many Connections Error

    If you are using free hosting I think you must pay for upgraded (premium) hosting to fix. The Max SQL connection is set by the admin. (100)
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    Welcome new person. Need any help feel free to ask.
  10. batman1

    I have arrived.

    Welcome to the greats free hosting website.
  11. batman1

    Logo - 1,500 points

    Nice to see a fellow Jamaican on x10hosting. I do a liitle graphic work but no interested. Best of luck. cheers.
  12. batman1

    Site not responding

    My site or Cpanel is not responding at all, cannot login or anything. Please help me.
  13. batman1

    Oh, why my CPU usage is going so high

    It is windows bug. Has someting to do with windows update and the svchost file. It only lasts until windows update is finished.
  14. batman1

    phpMyAdmin not responding

    Hello My phpMyAdmin is not responding. I want to export the entire database because I don't have a backup of it. It has some valuable table structure that I want for a project. Can you try an export the database for me, in sql format. Database name: janbux_buxscript website...
  15. batman1

    Stop the bux scams

    As you all know many people are asking you to join PTC or some other paid to click "bux" site. Sadly many of them are scam, I will say approximately %95 of them. To all those persons who use "bux" sites, to earn money on line, here is a forum that will give you up to date information on...
  16. batman1

    Get at lease $2 in your paypal

    In order to earn money all you have to do is click and view ads (valuing $0.01 each) daily until you make at lease $2 then you can withdraw it to your paypal account. You can also earn more by telling person about it like what I am doing now. :biggrin: I have already made $2 and withdrew it...
  17. batman1

    Pay with PayPal and never enter a Credit card, possible?

    You can buy things on ebay, etc. I bought a cell phone with the money.
  18. batman1

    My bux Script

    It took about 1 year of coding to do this. I have tested it, sold it. and many other stuff. I am finally trying to get it over with once and for all. The template is set so that it can easily be changed. link: Admin username: batman Password: password...
  19. batman1

    Ineffective blocking of php exec()

    I guest you are suggesting that the remove the shell block. Well I don't think they will do that for many reasons: security I believe is one.