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    my site! pc guidelk

    Thank you for the feed back, Sir! appreciate it
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    my site! pc guidelk

    hi guys, my site is pcguidelk link: it is offered in 2 languages and for now the contents are pretty simple, it will soon feature a computer parts price list updated weekly (only in sri lankan market) any reviews?
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    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    ok, Piracy is stealing intellectual property! you could say that you just take a copy of it! but thats a property of some ones....and when it comes to software it's still equal to stealing something that is physical... but then again, if you had to purchase all the movies you loved and games...
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    The Best Mobile Device

    Nokia was best in it's days, then came along Sony erricson with better balance in Communication and multimedia, Iphone is the thirsd to shake world of mobiles, (i had plans to buy one), but since the nexus one is out from google, I'm waiting for some reviews and real feedbacks from users...
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    Global Warming: fact or fiction?

    GLOBAL Warming is a FACT! and not fiction. human thru many processes have harmed the environment in such a way, the earths temperature levels has been rising for last few decades, and also this causes holes in the ozone layer, causing dangerous radition from sun to reach the earth surface...
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    Inactive members

    i as many people do, signed in once in a while to saty activated, but then i found some interesting topics and stuff, so am signing in to see comments and posts like minimum twice a week!
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    In your opinion what is the most powerful programming language

    I'm just stepping into php (if u can call it a programming language), and from what i have lern't so far it's not the most powerful, but still easy enough to be understood...
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    Gay marriage? Agree or disagree?

    I disagreed.. IMO the Very Strong but basic Idea behind marriage is Reproduction (creating a new generation thus continuing the human race), and Nurturing kids looking after and etc. and the humans have only 2 genders and both the Male & Female will be involving in this cycle...
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    Infinity Ward Announce New Playlist!

    thanks a lot for the the wall papers i was searching for:)
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    The best mobile operating system...

    Iphone os came out before the smart phone which uses android was launch... and to be honest symbian and other stuff have been around for a while.. My point is that now you have two Phone Oss on the lead, and being an open ended system, android would knock over i phone pretty quickly..
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    In my opinion, being a very normal person, I would have simply walked away with it! being said that, if I did something nice, like returning it, i will have thoughts of "IF" later.. "what IF i took it" and so on.. and at this situation as it's a machine thats malfunctioning and giving u a...
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    Virtualization vs Dual Boot

    if it's for the sake of tesing, that ur gonna install an OS, then Virtual pc is best, but if u want to use 2 OS s at the same time, then a dual boot will come in handy. but they both have there advantages and drawbacks.. dual boot... can make u sick when u wanna get rid of one OS Virtual...
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    Activation codes sent to mobiles

    whats the big deal giving out ur number if the site is a recognized one. they are obliged to keep it safe under the data protection act which is passed in 1984 and updated in 1998. read it here click
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    The best mobile operating system...

    what bout Android?? it is the newest and hottest of all, as i see... the new smart phone which was launched recently featured android, and most of the never gen phones come with it ..
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    Why Opera is not So popular being the coolest browser?

    in a nutshell, opera has a really good product with a lot of features (most of the features), but Opera team needs to polish them up and finalize there work! so that it works well most of the time!
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    Space travel is a dream…no..myth! Impossible!

    yeah, It would be a dream that we will never fulfill. look at all these years they have spent after the moon exploration in 1969. NASA have not gone far than that with human space travel. and as I think some thing will happen around 2012.......I agree that it's gonna be just a dream!
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Windows Xp is my choice, but by the looks of it I'm guessing this thread is old, as it does not have windows 7 on the voting list. what we should know is that an operating system is a piece of software which allows us to basically interact with the hardware. even I use windows xp, i do not like...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I didnt vote for any of the products above. sorry but in my opinion, with a 9 years of experience, I have learned that virus guards not good, but on product is relatively better than another. i have used many top leading virus guards and have seen PC's going down by virus attacks with virus...
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    Why Opera is not So popular being the coolest browser? are my views on opera. I'll try to balance my point of view here. it has pros and they would it's cool features and the amount of built in features..and it seems quite fast, BUT as a heavy PHP tester i find it really annoying. when i click on a php generated site link it tries to...
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    In your opinion, what is best about FREE web hosting with x10?

    x10 free hosting is the best free hosting service i have come up with, I have known about how important backups are, but never realized that they play a crucial part in web dev.Ii experienced my first data loss and recovery at x10 hosting, one day i found that my site was missing 2 days hard...