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    Take a look at my site

    Lol your looking at it in IE aren't you? Yeah, thanks for showing me that, I use Fire fox, check it out on that. Thanks!
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    Got some spare time?

    You need to learn how to cut and slice images, and then code them around your website, don't make the images your website. That's why the load time takes for ever. And it looks a little unprofessional.
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    Make $100 Per Week!

    Haha, when I was working at Drug Mart when I was 16, and taking out the garbage, a guy drove by me and asked if I wanted to get in a pyramid scheme, (he didn't come out and say it.) And I wasn't dumb enough to fall for it then, but now, I defiantly will fall for it.
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    Take a look at my site

    For real though? Not one person lol.
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    Contest: 2000 credits for visiting the website!

    Top right corner there are Three A's.
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    A Flash-making program

    Now who pirates these days, I mean honestly lol.
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    What do you think of Grand Theft Auto 4

    Sold it for 35 USD at The Game Exchange. Got it for 25. Good deal.
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    Review My Website Please!

    The content of the site is good. But the whole layout, I'm just not feeling. I agree with the colors, I suggest learning a little more photoshop, and make templates out of there, instead of straight html.
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    A Flash-making program

    Swishmax is definatly the best program for an amatuer who is to lazy to learn Flash.
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    opinions on this design

    PersonallyI don't know where you plan on going with it. I think you should put a little artistic twist to it.
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    Need your help! all for you! :)
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    Review my template!

    To me, I think it looks to blah, and amatuer looking. I recommend different colors, try going to And I recommend reading a few tutorials on how to make navigation panels.
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    How much you weigh?

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    Post Your Desktop!

    A wallpaper I made.
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    How's it goin'? I'm Aj i run and I'm 19.
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    Take a look at my site

    Just a little portfolio site i made.