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  1. swirly

    So my account is now banned?

    I am very upset, but I am trying to be as polite as possible. I have had an account here at x10 for I don't even know how many years. I have constantly recommended your services to people praising you as a good, reliable host. Right now I am starting to regret that. My account has been...
  2. swirly

    Been getting Several MySQL Errors

    Not an expert at sql, but it looks like your forum can't find the database it needs. Check the config file and make sure it has the correct database listed. And check your mysql panel and make sure that your database is correct there too. If this doesn't fix your problem come back here and post...
  3. swirly


    No, describe the troubles so we might be able to help.
  4. swirly

    Web stats program

    I use google analytics, it works great for me. Its free, no harm in trying it.
  5. swirly

    You talk about backups but make life hard?

    Yeah, its really easy, theres even a wiki page on how to do it. Just search the forums. But you pretty much, select all in the file manager, click compress up top, and it downloads it. Voila.
  6. swirly

    Tell me what you think...

    Its pretty nice. Just seems a little bland to me, but looks pretty good overall. You should have some sort of info on there somewhere. And instead of doing a new page for each photo, maybe get some sort of slideshow script? If you're charging people for photos, you may want some sort of no right...
  7. swirly

    Tell me what you think...

    It says its broke. I think the servers down though or something.
  8. swirly

    Blocked access

    A site I made for someone on gets blocked at my college. Under the porn category, its a surf shop website? They get blocked for different reasons, and some get blocked randomly. It just depends on the software they use and how much of an ass the IT guys are.
  9. swirly

    Hi, I've got a quick question about this hosting

    I don't know if they've changed it recently but an upload script used to get you suspended, check the TOS to see what it says about upload scripts.
  10. swirly


    I don't know if it can be restored, I'm 99% sure x10 doesn't make backups for you, so you may be out of luck. I'd wait for an admin to confirm this though.
  11. swirly


    Just that folder? If not I don't think it can be restore unless you have a backup yourself.
  12. swirly

    how do i sent my files to the host

    Use an FTP program, like filezilla. Or upload them through Cpanel in the file manager.
  13. swirly

    How do I redirect requests in case my site gets unavailable?

    If the server goes down, there wouldn't be a way to redirect I don't think. Unless you have something on your domain you can use as a redirect. If you have a redirect on your server and the server goes down, then your redirect goes down with it so that wouldn't be possible. Check your domain...
  14. swirly

    Is all lost forever?

    No problem, good thing you do. Which reminds me, I need to make a backup. You might have to re-register it, but I'm not sure. I'd wait for a mod to come answer this.
  15. swirly

    Is all lost forever?

    If you can't find it, I believe it is gone for good. They said the data was not recoverable. Sorry.
  16. swirly

    Requesting account deletion.

    They will get around to it. If you let it get suspended it will be automatically deleted in 2 weeks.
  17. swirly

    Review please

    Well, I meant for it to be simple, because I live in a small town and people here aren't very technology inclined, I didn't want to throw them off or steer them away because I was using something to high-techy if you know what I mean. -But thank you, I'll take that into consideration.
  18. swirly

    what is the best website analytics tool ??

    I use Google Analytics. Works really well for me.
  19. swirly

    Death Penalty

    I never said that we should let them sit in jail for the rest of their life. I simply said that the death penalty was still murder and that I was against it. Make them work while they're in prison. And being in prison costs the person money I think, I can't remember off the top of my head...
  20. swirly

    Problem Access to ftp

    The username and password should be your CPanel info, you might have to check your ports to make sure you have the right one, but it should be automatic.