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    Database Help

    Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host's database server is down. I haven't changed the config file since...
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    Website, cPanel & FTP Down

    My Website, cPanel and FTP are not working... i've tryed to connect to cpanel and FTP and i can't. In this moment i get this error: Cannot find "" DNS Error - Server cannot be found Can anyone solve this please? Thank You !
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    Website, cPanel & FTP Down

    Hello! My website, cPanel & FTP are down again. Don't know how but i can see the future :D (meaning that tomorrow it will be down again). My Website: Cannot find "" DNS Error - Server cannot be found Connecting to FTP: Status: Disconnected...
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    Subdomain Question

    Hello! I'd like to ask something ... that i think i already know the answer ( but i still need some other oppinions ) especialy an answer from Corey. I know that a domain can be easily moved from one webhosting to another webhosting. And that if a domain is set on a webhosting, the...
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    Website Problem

    Website, cPanel & FTP are not working again. Cannot find "" DNS Error - Server cannot be found Can you solve this please? Thank you !
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    Website not working

    As i sayed last time "sorry for posting this (almost) every day" but it actualy happens every day. Cannot find "" DNS Error - Server cannot be found After i've seen this i've waited 4-5 hours hope-ing that actualy this may be solve by itself because i started...
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    Website not working

    Website, cPanel and FTP are not working. Cannot find "" DNS Error - Server cannot be found Sorry for posting this but i have this problem almost everyday. Can anyone solve this? Thank you !
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    Website not working

    Hello everyone. I have a small problem... my website is not working :) Same problem as ususal: :D DNS Error - Server cannot be found Website, cPane &, FTP not working. Thank You !
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    Same Problem - DNS Error

    I had this problem yesterday too. When i try to get into my webpage i get this error: DNS Error - Server cannot be found I can't login to cPanel and FTP. Yesterday Corey has done something and solved this problem fast... BUT... today this started again. I know that are some big problems at...
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    Website Down?

    When i try to go to my webpage i get this error: DNS Error - Server cannot be found When i try to login to ftp i get this error: Status: Resolving IP-Address for Error: Invalid hostname or host not found Error: Critical error Error: Could not...
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    URL file-access Help

    I apologyse for this but i don't know were else can i ask for help. Here are administrators that know verry well what to do because they control a big web hosting. I have a web hosting and i can't ue the smartrss on my blog website because some functions are disabled in my php.ini I get this...
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    Short Time Suspension

    Reason: Prolonged high resource usage. Account will be unsuspended automatically in 15 minutes. After 15 min have been passed it was unsuspended. No Problem. Then Again: Reason: Prolonged high resource usage. Account will be unsuspended automatically in 30 minutes. Can i know what is the...
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    Problems with Blog

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 822332 bytes) in /home/winblog/public_html/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php on line 1163 I also get this error when posting a comment or writing an article & many other things. Untill now i...
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    x10 rewards - Unsuspension

    I've tryed to get from "x10" -> "x10 rewards" -> Unsuspension ... and it says: Your account, is not suspended. If your account has a suspension message and isn't marked as suspended here, please make a thread at the Suspended Accounts forum. But my account is suspended. Why is not...
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    Why closing all my request threads?

    Hello. I've posted 2 "Account unsuspension threads" and StarShine closed them both. My account was suspended... i've requested 2 times unsuspension and he closed them both. My account was suspended for the reason "spamming". I'm not here to judge the administrators reason and actions but i...
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    Domain name - question

    I was looking on x10hosting webpage and i see that everything is about hosting packages but nothing about domains. What i want to askis: Do you sell domain names? and how much does it cost/year. Thank you !
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    What is the best Linux

    I hope i post this in the right place... if is not in the righ section please move it. I need to know what is the best & secured "Linux/Unix" distribution for servers... which is easyer & which is harder to use. ... (reasons)(why) sustain your oppinion... please Thank you ! & sorry for my bad...
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    Can this be from server?

    Sorry about this post... I had something at my Blog website and i thinked that may be from server... but seems that someone added a messy post that looks like s**t. Sorry... and please delete this thread.
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    PHP Version Problems

    I have requested "Advanced PHP Configuration" and offcourse you allowed me to have this version. Thank you for this but i still have some problems with this version. My blog webpage "Wordpress" still give me some errors because of some changes at server. It canot get articles and put them on my...
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    Wordpress Error. Please Help !

    I have a wordpress error too. I've spoken with guys that created Wordpress and they toled me that SUHOSIN was installed on server and it's conflicting with my "kses.php". My webpage was working perfect untill i woked up today and when i tryed my webpage i saw this error: Fatal error: SUHOSIN -...