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    updated site not on web

    i have recently updated all the files on my site, files are there in the file manager but online the website reports to the "default web site page" i.e. If you are the web site owner, it is possible you have reached this page because: The IP address has changed. There has been a server...
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    Photoshop themes

    "site grinder" software can convert you PSD theme into a useable site must be magic!
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    Adobe CS5 -- anyone got any comments?

    i was part of the beta testing team for photoshop cs5, caf is very sweet , but not perfect....takes you 90% of the way there maybe so certainly speeds up retouching (my main thing!)
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    New adobe cs5 has launched!!!!

    im using CS5 at the moment, certainly speeds things up
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    Hi im New come and visit my site

    eek suspended dude!
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    Need Graphic editor [free]

    So... what kind of graphics? what kind of editing?
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    Photography Website

    nice some good pics too!
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    Please review my Photography website

    hi simpleviewer works well, shame some pics need to be rotated 90 degrees
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    photo site link exchange

    im in! drop me a line should be updating my site this month john
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    anyone else running a photography website?

    yay! keep it dark!
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    Adobe photoshop cs4 is here!

    im a beta pre-release tester for adobe, i have to say CS4 is pretty awesome, and a ton of work has gone into it some cool stuff for web too with the scene carving function
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    hi from UK

    hi all, im new here, hoping to use my site to promote my photography, some nice flash based portfilo on there take a peek!