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    Please change my domain name

    Hi, I brought new domain name for my website. its; please kindly change it. My present domain name is, please make it to Thank you once again for giving me web hosting. Dhiren
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    Discreet has launched Combustion 4

    After long waiting, at last Discreet has launched Combustion 4. For Neophyte: combustion is comprehensive desktop software for motion graphics, compositing and visual effects. One of the best product of discreet. More information about Combustion 4.. The definitive creative solution for...
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    Why can't I post new post in application for free hosting section????

    Hi Guys, I need help, I can't post new message in Application for free hosting section, but I can reply any message. Anyone suggest me why???? As there is no system of activation through email after registering on this site. Please help me out. Thanks in advance,