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    Needs more staff

    this is not even close to the best free hosting, their complete and utter lack fo ANY kind of support is attrocious. My site has been broken due to THEIR incompetence for over a month now and NOTHING i do will fix it and theres nothing YOU or anyone else in the community can do that will fix...
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    YOU broke my site over a MONTH ago and I cant fix it

    Account was suspended. logged in to unsuspend, unsuspended, logged out go to my site and... Error establishing a database connection logged in via ftp and looked at my wp config and its 100% correct logged in via phpmyadmin and the database is intact changed the wp user password to the same as...
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    account was locked...

    So I logged in and unlocked it. However, when I go to the page I get an error about not being able to connect to the database. This is not sometehing I can fix.