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  1. Hoobrum

    Vox - CPanel License Expired

    Hi - it looks like on the Vox server, it's saying that the Cpanel license is expired (which might be the reason why the database isn't working for sites hosted on it - at least mine anyway).
  2. Hoobrum


    If you mean torrent tracker, the answer is no. Few free hosting/paid sites will allow you to run those because of the high likelihood it'll be used for piracy and/or the amount of resources it uses (since each seeder/leecher is constantly pinging the tracker for peers).
  3. Hoobrum

    Fix domain

    Co.CC is dead (source: was it because of spam?). I've been using
  4. Hoobrum

    Free ad

    Good tips cybrax - especially on the search engine content :)
  5. Hoobrum


    is there a free version?
  6. Hoobrum

    Allowed to put Google AdSense ads on my site?

    As long as your content is legal and not porn/gambling/alcohol/drug related - yous should be good by google's terms as well.
  7. Hoobrum

    Best alternative to Flash?

    Animated gifs / JavaScript (JQuery)
  8. Hoobrum

    Google+ vs Facebook

    Facebook - because right now google + is invite only and after I got an invite I realized it wasn't anything special.pfft.
  9. Hoobrum

    Free Hosting Tricks #1

    Great idea, but not all browser support onerror if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Hoobrum

    [0 credits] Free Custom Facebook Like Website (social Networking) Like Script

    Re: Free Custom Facebook Like Website (social Networking) Like Script neat script, but who's using these ?
  11. Hoobrum

    Read-only file system

    Hi, I can't do anything on my account, every edit I make through ftp it says: [L] 550 _vti_inf.html: Read-only file system [L] Transfer Failed! It won't let me edit, delete or upload files. And it's complaining that everyhing is read-only file system. I'm on hosting system: boru
  12. Hoobrum

    Upcoming Free Hosting Change

    Sounds good! :)
  13. Hoobrum

    Is it wierd to be addicted to a facebook flash game?

    Try socks and sandals hehehe...
  14. Hoobrum

    What's your favourite broswer?

    Chrome is neat but I use firefox mostly.
  15. Hoobrum

    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    I wouldn't invest money in any of those sites. But I have tried neobux, just clicking and I got tired at how much work it takes each day.
  16. Hoobrum

    Search Engine Optimization Techniques – higher ranking results

    Be reasonable, that's important. Don't think you can just rank for any keyword. Use whatever SEO Tips you can learn and remember there's no 1 stop solution.,
  17. Hoobrum

    When CSS goes bad

    Pretty neat, but it's a little ruined on Firefox because you can see the scrollbars on all sides.
  18. Hoobrum

    What do you think about LOTRO?

    I think they're making too many lord of the rings games. War of the Ring was a horrible rts, Lord of the RIngs Conquest was just so poorly produced. Battle for Middle Earth 1 and LOTR: Return of the King /Two Towers fPS was a good game
  19. Hoobrum

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I didn't know you guys had python installed!!
  20. Hoobrum

    The Social Network

    it's entertaining as a movie - but heavily fictionalized and dramaticized., such as the scene at the end where the guy punches the Napster guy in the FB office or how the napster guy discovers about FB when he wakes up with that girl. Lots of bs in there, as they make it a lot sexier than what...