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    HELP >.< Suspension / inactivity timer

    I wanted to get the inactivity timer, But i notices there was going to be a change on the system (on the control panel) But somehow i didn;t notice when it changed or something. All i was doing is waiting for the timer to get back so i can purchase the inactivity timer. Any advise on what to...
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    Hi im new

    I already changed it now. I am the main admin of everything now. But in cases of my absence 2 people are able to access the account in case of problems. And the using of the account is only ment on such a way that i cannot maintain the website all by myself because i not always have the time...
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    Anyone know a good FREE or SHAREWARE CMS* system. Its for simple news items * CMS = Content Management System I want to have them add a new news item and be able to attach only 1 image of a certain size. Thanks in advance
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    Anyone have experience with that ? with gamerOSD from ASUS
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    Hi im new

    my nick is liveandlearn but we use the space for a game called guildwars. i put only stuff on it thats homemade. the nickname is because i gave the access to 2 other people aswell so its a bit of sharing we do. Its better for x10 hosting ^^ 1 service used by 3 people instead of 3 services...
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    Hi im new

    Hello everyone, im building a webpage for our guild. But i have seen quite some bump etc. Why dun it work now (again) is it me doing something wrong ? Tell me what i am doing wrong it say's it suspended :eek4: Is the content wrong. plz tell me what i need to do. i made a ticket so hope...
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    hello everybody

    Hi everyone i have done quite a lot of html and now im trying php and mysql and i love the way this is set up. my site isfor my guildwars guild, come and check it out (its now still work in progress of course)
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    Website Not Working

    i have a exofire site and i have same problems since today something changed i couldn;t access ftp yesterday and now i can;t even access my cpanel. when i reset it i don;t even get a code to put in the confirmation box what gives ...
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