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    What's the better linux distro?

    I'd have to say my personal recommendation would be for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy. It's gorgeous and fast! Also very easy to use.
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    Which OS?

    Mac OS = Security though obscurity when it comes to viruses.
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    Which OS?

    I'm curious as to who else chose BSD with me? Anyone want to own up? I love it! Also use Linux (Fedora / Slackware) and XP and unfortunately have to use Vista on my laptop, STINKY STINKY! Sorry just realised the poll could tell me who had voted.
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    What brand of RAM do you use?

    Depends, if it's non-ecc I'm after then Corsair or OCZ, if it's buffered RAM I'm after then Corsair everytime.
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    Which OS?

    Just curious as to which OS people here prefer using?