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    Oh my god, hahah! I totally don't remember what those pics were. I'm laughing my tail off reading my old posts :lol::lol:
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    Just found out my old account after 11 years Wow, lol. I think I was 11 or 12 at the time. And I also believe I was lying when I made that thread :P. Everyone was "cool" back then for using a nulled version of a forum software! /s Just thought I'd share. Pretty damn...
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    DMCA vBulletin??? LOL WTF?

    ROFL? WTF? dood i got a license and everything!!! I PAID 4 mien damnt.. why u keep freaking doing this to me, lol dood i got a vbulletin LICENSE.. I'll pm u it if uw ant.. rofl wTF? HAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg...
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    Help Meplzzz

    DOOD whenever I LOGIN IT SAYS "DOMAIN HAS TO BE ADDED TO THE WHITELIST!!" DOOD I dont want to loose my account if i can never login! :( HELP
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    hmm weird error when logging into VB...

    says my domain has to be added to ur whitelist? how i do that? so yea htat's why i havn't been logged in 4 couple days dumb error, lol
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    thanks u guys so much

    and corey did u ever get my 3$ in the mail? i emailed it to but i think my mail man stole my check freaking asshole ima sue him :thefinger LOL anywayz lov u rhosting corey good job u need to be a celebrity and make ur own commerical.. get hella members <3 u man
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    Database Error? Database error The database has encountered a problem. Please try the following: Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser. Open the home page, then try to open another page. Click the Back button to...
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    Ok Video Of Me Streaking, Lol.

    add my myspace= and new video i ripped it off a piece of **** camera on my friends on-demand tv but better then nothing, just uploaded it!! LOL i couldnt run @ The end.. i felt all dizzy i even wore my michael vicks cleats because i wanted to dodge them but i felt...
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    is this possible guys? xD

    hahaha, hey, this is me again, lol well yea i baught another domain from godaddy bcz ur services are so great but then i read the t.o.s and i was wondering if could sign up 4 a seperate hosting (addfree) or ad enahcned w/e u want.. on that? is that possible? please haha thx guys <33 corey btw...
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    My template good or bad? still working on it.. thx :lockd::lockd:
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    I Think you should have a TV Commerical.. put corey on there, LOL with the quad servers next to him be like free webhosting @ HAHA and put all the free stat's in the .avi give it to my directTV people i'll tell them to air it haha dood u get so many more users HAHA but :dunno...
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    New template IM making... it's in the beta the buttons r broke but i'l put in the in the main of my site when it's done gaming site for d2 :O pretty gg huh spent alot of time on that.. :lockd::lockd: Edit: edit: i just put it on my main domain ima edit rest tomorrow ima go to...
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    Rate this awesome WoW skin, LMAO! Broadband Only! :) :dunno: u think
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    X10hosting is the best EVER CREATED. WANT PROOF? LOOK HERe.

    Ok here's the catch try to find a site that offers 2500mb space and 45Gb?bandwidth that's less then 5.99$/MONTH YOU CANT. IT"S IMPOSSIBLE THEREFORE X10hosting is EVEN FREE! SO IT's #1.. easily ;) thank u guys so much i lub u all :naughty:
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    <_> :( it goes to a x10hosting page? but i look in my file manager there's no index.html and i alrdy deleted that.. and index.php is my page i made so it would go to my forums weird? :nuts:
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    This is not true? WAT THE F*CK. look @ the first comment? u have to post javascript codes? WAT THE HELL? no u dont.. LMAO and 8? this is easily over a people dont get it do i feel bad 4 corey n **** that's sad man dood whoever left that comment is...
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    I almost cried..

    I had a dream about x10hosting this morning.. freaking i woke up balling my eyes out i dreamed that they took down my site and corey came to my house with the fbi to sue me bcz i used some type of php #1.. or sumthing haha :( :drool:
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    Thx So Much!!

    yAY AFTER ALL THOSE PHP CHANGES FINALLY MY FORUM WORKS!! BUT I Still havn't been switched to ad corporate hosting yet but i just think brandon isn't logged on yet, HAHA BUT Neways guy thx so much 4 what u do seriously.. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!! IN HEAVEN! AND GOD!! :D...
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    Craziest BASEBALL MOMENTS EVER HAAHAHAH LOL! HAHAHAAHAHA PEREZ HITTING THE GATORADE BOTTLES LMAOAAOA OLOL! :laugh::laugh::laugh: anyone else have a good video of all the crazy umpire moments they like to share with me? i love this stuff just like my hosting, LOL
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    hahaah!! LOL Good job x10hosting !!

    First top on the !! CONGRATS! WELL DONE DESERVED @_@ :drool: your rating should be freaking 124214/10 bcz ur hosting is all paid but u give it out 4 free and tha'ts just amzing..