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  1. probloggerrohit65

    x10 hosting sucks (because I got busted with nulled software)

    I have vbulletin 4.0.0 with license but it suspends my account.. Edited by Livewire: Updated your topic title to reflect the issue more closely. If you have a legit license, it's only legally usable with the install you actually -get- from vBulletin, not one from a warez release team.
  2. probloggerrohit65

    close my hosting account

    i want to close my hosting account
  3. probloggerrohit65

    Unsuspend account

    I want to unsuspend my account
  4. probloggerrohit65

    Cannot login

    I could not login to is there any server problem . Any help so please reply
  5. probloggerrohit65

    Cannot login

    I cannot login to my hosting cpanel. when I enter the username and password and click log in it takes me again to cpanel login page