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  1. jeyul

    Register to the best PPC website

    Hello :biggrin:. Haven`t posted for a while :happysad:. But here's what I found ! The best PPC website. I read allot about it on other forums and people say it's quite good. Please register from my reff. because you won`t lose a thing. Just think that if you had an account you would do...
  2. jeyul

    Join my promotion and win prizes!!!

    Hello :biggrin:, I've seen that you like promotions and so I started one of mine:naughty:. Well, here's the deal : I own the following website :,, and; Register an account on and be in the first 5...
  3. jeyul

    Check out this new site ;)

    Hello x10hosting users, I offer you a new cool and useful website : - Free statistics of your site. Submit your site and get benefits from it : better page ranking, better search engine ranking and the most important free traffic ! There is a contest and you can get free...
  4. jeyul

    Review these sites I've got many others but only these ones are in English. You can host your files too on the host site!
  5. jeyul

    Can any member of the staff help me?

    I want to remove the addon domain from my account and when I tried it gave me an error. Since then, it shows that the domain is no longer added, but I can still create subdomains for it, and I can't use I can't add it again because it says that it;s...
  6. jeyul

    I have a question

    Could you please tell me some good ideas for a successful website? I already have a games section, web directory, news( in development ), social network. I'd like to know what should I look for next. :happysad:
  7. jeyul

    I have a problem with parking a domain

    I recently bought a domain ( ) and I redirected the DNS to the x10hosting ip address : waited over 72 hours for the DNS, and when I access the site , it says this : Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to...
  8. jeyul

    I've got a problem with my domain

    I recently bought a domain ( ) and I redirected the DNS to the x10hosting ip address : waited over 72 hours for the DNS, and when I access the site , it says this : Bandwidth Limit Exceeded...
  9. jeyul

    I have a request for

    I would like to launch my website soon as a .RO domain ( romanian domain ) and I would like to be granted an exception : that I won't have to create the site (s) in english; i would like to write the news and all the things in romanian. The site is a general purpose site ( contains games, news...
  10. jeyul

    I've got a great idea!

    I was thinking one day and I came up to this : a special x10hosting sites web directory. I already own one so it's simple: if you want this to happen, reply to this thread and I'll ask Corey to look on the thread to see how many people want this. I figured out that this might solve the problem...
  11. jeyul

    Have any ideas for a site network?

    If you have some ideas for sites that can be included in a network post here. I'm looking forward to build a site network : multiple useful sites ( online games, web directory, social network ) and I want your opinion on this - What kind of legal site ( because I tried the mp3s one and got...
  12. jeyul

    I offer advertisement on my network sites

    I can offer advertisement on my network sites for forum points. I doesn't matter what kind of site you own, as long as you pay between 50 and 100 forums points per month, your advertisement will be shown on my sites.
  13. jeyul

    Submit your site to my web directory!

    Submit your site for free on my web directory : . You can also buy an advertisement on the site with forums credits. The prices are from 50to 100 credits / month. Contact me for details
  14. jeyul

    Cani be granted an exception?

    I know i'm not a x10hosting member for too long but i would like to be granted the permission to use Romanian on my site - only on the news section ( ). I need this permission because my visitors are from Romania and I must put the news in romanian or else most of the...
  15. jeyul

    I've got a problem with my account

    I've got a serious problem with my account : when I access my website, I don't see some of the pictures :dunno:. Can you tell me why? I need this problem solved quickly because I want to open the site for people and I can't do this without the graphics :biggrin: And another issue : I installed a...
  16. jeyul

    Please help me. I ca'nt install a script

    I've uploaded and chmoded the script but it gives me a 500 internal error and it says : Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and...