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    Halo Teletubbies Mod *video*

    Hey guys, My clan and I found this sick map, where you play as WEAPON BEARING TELETUBBIES =D Here's the video of the carnage: ~Blaze
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    Stoli Locked up or just bugging out..

    Sup, Stoli seems to be either locked up, or just not working correctly *is there a difference?* It keeps connecting, and dropping connections. Only HTTP seems to be acting up, FTP loads fine. FTP speeds are also better than Apache's... ~Blaze
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    Hey, Any computer tech's here?

    Hey guys, The IT guy at my highschool really sucks, so the science department head wants me to take care of the computers in her wing. I'm pretty good with general computer problems, I do light coding, scripting, and built 8-9 computers *business I have going on =D* So now I've been...
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    Awesome! I'm 18 =D

    Lol Finally, 12:00 *4 mins ago* I officially turned 18. Ain't it awesome. Lol. Hmm. Looking forward to my License so I can like go anywhere with anyone *officially that is =P* *No other topic in here cept that..* ~Blaze
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    Team 'A' Vs Team 'B' TEAM A: includes members who's x10 Forum username start with A C E G I K M O Q S U V W TEAM B: includes members who's x10 Forum username start with B D F H J L N P R T X Y Z SCORE: TEAM A - 7 TEAM B - 0 Rules: * Team A members has to Add(+) 5 from the previous post...
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    Few sigs

    Sup, Just a few sigs from a while back.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Unfinished, but she said it was good so I kept it lol. How are they? =P I'll edit the names/pics for credits =O ~Blaze
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    Hey, Not exactly new, but I'm back (again, lol)

    Hey, Been going on and off this site for like 2 years now, lol. I forgot my 1st's details account, *don't even ask how >.<''* So I made this acc. Woo.. I'm trying to get back to posting here like I did a few months ago =P I'll seeya round guys. ~Blaze
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    Giving web e-mail access to others.

    Hey guys, I'm going to give my Clan leaders their own E-mails, but they don't use any e-mail clients. Is there a way to give them access via the web, without giving them my Cpanel login? *which I'm not gonna do* Thanks. ~Blaze
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    Server Move Request

    Hey, After a LONG, LONG break from owning/hosting sites, I'm back to x10Hosting =P But lately, I've been having loads of downtime on Stoli.. I've seen the multiple threads on the Server status section, but all of them say its solved, or they're closed. Yet the problem still continues. Is...
  10. B Domain setup help

    Hey guys, first, this might be in the wrong section, very sorry if it is. well, I got a domain, and I set up the DNS on it, and it works fine, but I want the domain to be used on a different folder, not my public_html/ folder, but public_html/dana folder Right now, I set it to...
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    Umm, pop-up script help

    Hey guys, I need to find a script like the little slide down pop-up on this site : I have NO idea what it's called, so If I know the name, I could find it somewhere, even better if someone could link me to a source or something Thanks a ton guys =D ~Blaze
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    Random Dante sig

    Hey guys, Decided to do a Dante sig for a friend of mine, April... I dunno how it came out.. Rate it =P ~Blaze
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    PHP Dynamic Image Script error.

    Hey guys, I got a Dynamic Image Script, which I'm hosting on my Home Apache server. It keeps giving me errors, I dunno why. Here's the two php's This is the actual script, mysig.php <?php /* -- If You Downloaded This Without Editing The Images Folder Called "signature" Then Skip $sigpath As...
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    Making a public Apache server...

    Hey there! I'm running a private server for WoW, and it's pretty active, about 30 people per day.. Not bad for me xD. Now I want to make a site where my GM's can mod their items, but all the web-hoster's I went to won't allow their server to connect to my Database. So I need to make my own...
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    Bandwidth Exceeded?

    Hey, I went back to my site right now, and It says "Bandwidth Exceeded" But again, on my Account page, it says I used 3 gigs of BW.... I don't know what's going on this time... >.<.. Help would be appreciated. ~Blaze
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    Post Count not increasing?

    Well, I have noticed that I replied to ALL of the posts in the Forum Games section, and my first post had around 303 post count.. right now, I have but 309.. Is something up, or is there a filter of some sorts? ~Blaze
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    Rapidshare Account

    Hey, Anyone here want to share an RS account with me? I really don't care how long it lasts for.. I'll pay in some sort if you want *can't give money thou.. * Thank you =D ~Blaze
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    300th Post =D

    Ah,... Yes, my 300th post <3 Well, its mostly a spam post right now, so lets change that... How long have you guy's been with X10 hosting? I've been with x10 for about.. 1 year now.. this is my 2nd forums account cause my 1st one got deleted I think *don't remember* But it's by by by far...
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    PHP Advanced version request.

    Hey, I have a script running on x10, its about a WoW Server registration page. It required this to be active: system(), this is the error I get: Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/blaze9/public_html/wow/core/class.mangosweb_installer.php on line 146 So I'm...
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    FTP Error, Disk Full (only used 32megs, outa 1000)

    Well I was uploading scripts, and I keep getting this message: STATUS:> [5/10/2008 5:44:43 PM] Transferring file "/www/wow/statistics.php"... STATUS:> [5/10/2008 5:44:43 PM] Checking directory existence: "/www/wow". STATUS:> [5/10/2008 5:44:43 PM] Remote directory already...