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  1. Cyclone103

    Unnecessary 403'd

    I am having a bit of a problem. I installed a script, which I have used successfully before, but now it is not working. It is the admin section. When I log in, it gives me a 403 error, yet the login page loads. I have tried different chmods, and I even changed my login and pass manually in...
  2. Cyclone103

    Feature uptime?

    I have a few small questions about the up-time of some features on the server that is for the ad-enhanced corporate plan. First, what is the approximate uptime of FTP? How often will my site be unavailable to users? Next, will the uptime of the cpanel and MySQL be greater than 75% of the time...
  3. Cyclone103

    Pointing a domain towards the server

    How can I point my domain that I just purchased (domainmonster was my registration service) towards my account here? What would be the first step? I do not want to just have it redirect to the site, I want it to be the actual site URL.
  4. Cyclone103

    PHP Coder Needed!

    I need a person who is a capable php coder, who knows how to work with MySQL and phpmyadmin, as well as php usage in Flash. I might just need something as simple as a tip, or something far more complex. Reward - 200 credits on this forum here, "Technical Assistant" on my forum, and in-game...
  5. Cyclone103

    Four and a half days?

    Is this a glitch, or is it accurate? I am just surprised by the sheer magnitude of time I have to is approximately four and a half days. I was planning on starting my game, but it is physically not possible without the site. If that number is off, how much is it off by? Thanks...
  6. Cyclone103

    Cpanel differences

    I was wondering what the differences between the cpanel that comes with Adfree and Adenhanced are. You see, if it is a simple matter of accessibility then I am sold, and signing up for the corporate ad-enhanced. However, if it is a matter of functionality, then I need to know what has changed...
  7. Cyclone103

    My account

    I was wondering if there was any way that my account could be deleted or switched over to the corporate plan? I decided that I do not care about ads, and really want the extra space and bandwidth. Also, I attempted to switch my domain from to, and it...
  8. Cyclone103

    FTP Error

    I keep having issues with the server. It prompts "An FTP error has occurred-cannot make connection to host. The remote host cannot be found." I might be totally screwing something up. Where it wants the FTP host, I input the server. For the host directory, I input the IP address. I input my...
  9. Cyclone103

    MySQL Setup

    I am a noob who needs MySQL help. I am on the adfree plan. How can I configure my tables? I have a feeling the answer is obvious, but I do not know it. Sorry.
  10. Cyclone103

    Login Error: Incorrect Password?

    Hi, I am a new user at x10 Hosting. I signed up for an account today, and was unable to log in. I know that I entered my password and login correctly in both the signup and login screens. My account name is "Cyclone". I can verify that I am the correct person. How can I log in? Is there some...