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    Nextscript not working; low PHP memory limit

    @essellar Thanks for the reply. My website is not working once again, so, probably, you are right that the migration is not complete. I hope the script to work once it is compete. BTW the nextscripts apps says that the max memory allowed is 40 mb and they require 64 mb (not for a single...
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    Nextscript not working; low PHP memory limit

    The X10 server was down for the last two days. Ever since it has started working again, the nextsript app is not working because the 64 MB memory for php required by the version 3.3.4 is not allowed by x10. Has x10 changed the configurations recently? Nevertheless, I find the free users don't...
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    Jetpack update problem

    I am unable to update jetpack. It says: Warning: touch(): Unable to create file /tmp/jetpack.tmp because No such file or directory in /home/ankurx12/public_html/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 179 Warning: unlink(/tmp/jetpack.tmp): Operation not permitted in...