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  1. megasenser82

    Cant login to cpanel

    I re registered an account, I was able to use it. I even used it to install mybb on the subdomain After some few days, when I tried to logiin to the server at level, it says The login is invalid. I sent a support ticket but up to now it hasnt been replied to Please help me...
  2. megasenser82

    Can't login to account panel

    I kind of have the same problem with my account! I have created a new one, and yet still cant login, but nothing shows that I'm suspended. The subdomain isnt working also.
  3. megasenser82

    Answer with question??

    Do you want me to answer that?
  4. megasenser82

    Answer with question??

    i think fun isnt the point. do u agree?
  5. megasenser82

    Staff members needed

    i rilly thijk it wud be of much help
  6. megasenser82

    Free gprs

  7. megasenser82

    WebDesign - Logos and favicons

    still waiting
  8. megasenser82

    Staff members needed

    Register at our site, and keep on posting and be hardworking! You'll gain an Administrator position or like-wise, as assigned by the ADMINS! All you got to do is to keep on posting stuff, making friends, replying to unread messages and refering members to the site! Click...
  9. megasenser82

    Review my Site :)

    I'd advised you to make the green background blend with da white stuff... Maybe make the background an image or somethng!1!
  10. megasenser82

    Wondering if the layout is cool!??

    Please review this site, and see whether its cool, and good to attract members and a lot of traffic! :confused:
  11. megasenser82

    WebDesign - Logos and favicons

    I'm good in creating website logos and favicons, with my lil creative software, and I'd be much interested to create logos for anyone interested! I'll atach my sample logos soon!
  12. megasenser82

    Internet Browser

    I like OPERA a lot
  13. megasenser82

    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    COMPAQ PII real slow thingy
  14. megasenser82

    Account Suspension

    My account is suspended again! I don't understand this! Can someone explain this to me? Maybe unsuspend it b4 I loose everything??? ---------- Post added at 09:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:46 AM ---------- am done
  15. megasenser82

    Great Offer - Real Splendor World This this is the right address! The one above is out-dated! Real Splendor World is a Social Networking community for both PC and mobile, where you can find friends from different countries, chat with them, make discussions and stay i touch...
  16. megasenser82

    Add your site no backlink needed Real Splendor has a Great offer this season. Come and check it out, and benefit from this great offer. Don't be left out! Real Splendor World is a Social Networking community for both PC and mobile, where you can find friends from different countries, chat with...
  17. megasenser82

    Suspended Account

    Thank you guys, I l v u sooo much!!!!!
  18. megasenser82

    Suspended Account

    I just got up this morning and clicked the link to my site! All I saw was Account Suspended. I think it said it was due to activity "loading" or something!!! Please help me! I don't even have a credit card! How can I subscribe for a paid service, I have no other possible solutions!!! I would...
  19. megasenser82

    Your thoughts?

    interesting, anyway!:rolleyes: