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    issue accessing my site and CPanel on lotus

    Hi, For three days I haven't been able to access my website ( or CPanel at all. My site is hosted on lotus. I've got some really important files on the account as well as some MySQL data.
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    x10hosting shows all contents of a folder!

    Add a blank file to each directory called "index.html". Infact, that is supposed to be the name of your homepage anyways.
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    SmallBASIC (v0.7)

    Has anyone else heard of this? (I discovered it around v0.2) It's yet another variation of BASIC, created be MicroSoft, I tried it out (v0.7), and within the first 10 minutes, I though "This is so damn cool.". It works right out of the box, and is very powerful (microsoft claims you can make a...
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    php and quotation marks

    use: stripslashes(); there is also "addslashes();" if you need to do the oposite.
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    MYSQL Server Connection Error

    I'm not sure, but judging from the error, the "mysql_connect()" function might now be disabled. use "mysqli_connect". syntax is like this: $dbc = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', 'pw', 'data');
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    phpBB3... ARGH!!

    Umm, were a free host and you're not allowed to edit the php.ini file. But just keep on trying to install it, it should eventually work. If it's phpBB is the problem, you should try MyBB,
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    php alert system?

    Hmmmm.. you could could create a PHP file/class that checks for something, and have the MySQL database store the info for the events. It could work like this: $dbc = new mysqli('localhost', 'root', 'pw', 'freecrm'); $dbc->query('SELECT * FROM crm_events WHERE event_over = \'0\';'); while...
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    How conect my datbase postgresql??

    uBuntu is really friendly, I'm not sure about Fedora. Solaris isn't Linux, but it's still in the Unix (*nix) family.
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    MyBB:Blog (a blogging application for MyBB)

    Eh, heres just the thread from MyBB Source.
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    Please critique my website

    Well, that is a pretty sweet looking site. Seeing as your a graphic designer, add some sort of white/gray abstract design to the background, i suggest to do only one color though. Also, get rid of the image border, it doesn't clash well.
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    Website uploading

    You can also head into the CPanel File Manager and do it, (repleace "lotus" with your specific server). And for the FTP info (a bit more detailed), Host: Port: 21 User: YOURUSERNAME password: YOURPASSWORD Ex: Host...
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    PHP error/warning

    The PHP also needs to look like this: ession_cache_expire(30); session_start(); if (isset($_SESSION['var_name'])) $var = $_SESSION['var_name']; you could also get rid of the "isset()" and it should work the same.
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    Ajax based new posts

    I'm not sure if this is what you want, but: By live activity feed, do you mean something like this: If that is the case, then it could be somewhat easy to create a PHP script to grab the Post data from the database, the only...
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    How can I host my domain?

    First, you will need to buy one: <-- google has good prices then you will need to set the NameServers to and (I think), then in the X10 account panel (not CPanel), you will need to switch over from a sub domain, to...
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    How conect my datbase postgresql??

    You need to use the pg_connect function: like so: pg_connect('host=localhost dbname=PGSQL_DB_NAME user=PGSQL_DB_USER password=PGSQL_DB_PASS'); Example: $pg = pg_connect('host=localhost dbname=xadrieth_pgsql user=xadrieth_pg password=fluffykins'); Have the...
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    magento connect manager error

    Sorry, but they can't really do it. Because if you turn PHP safe mode off, it's a lot less erm, secure for the host. I'm not sure, but I think the x10 paid hosting packages offer safe mode off.
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    mysql table structure help

    Um, I think you've got the right idea of what you want, but why do you have some 0's inserted into the sample data table where they should not be?
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    what is your favourite online game?

    Well, I used to play a lot of MapleStory, but the grind takes forever once you hit Lv 40, most people then start paying for NX Cash when that happens, because of the 2x EXP cards. But now, I casually (a word I'd never thought I'd say when I talk about gaming) play Osu! a lot, it's quite fun. I...
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    Should old games be legal to download?

    Other than game, I think that all software 15 years or older (since last production of a hard copy, ie floppy disk) should be released as public domain, because, who is really going to use it, or make a profit off of it? I'm glad that a lot of video game companies (including Nintendo) release...
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    1 Quick Questions about Embeding PHP to a Site

    Add a "include_once('login.php')" in the PHP code.