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    Suspended Account!!

    hi my account has suspended i want my account unsuspended within 2 days pls. i am ready to place the x10 ads on my site cPanel Username:symbianc X10 Package:advanced How long your account has been up:1 months Did you have the ads placed on every page:yes in...
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    cPanel Username:symbianc How long your account has been up:1 month Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes hey guys i have placed my ads on last of the page and it is displayed in all pages and it is in like this i have placed our partners...
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    ipb registered !!

    hi guys i want some help from u mebers my skin is not working it is not showing skin it is showing background when i go to admin panel = }style sheets =} edit sheet then it tells me findcss usage only nothing there only it stops there that telling find css usage so what is the problem can i know...
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    ipb forums help me out

    hi gguys i am having ipb forums in my site i want to add google ad sense to my site so i want help frm u guys that how to add google ad sense on my forums so reply me soon my site is
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    hi pls read this

    hi pls read this guys hey i am getting problem with my site when ever in a day about 2 to 3 hours there will be any error in x10hosting subdomains like mines every day when i am browsing i browsed first of all it will be correct when i go agian in the site...
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    Login Box For Html

    hi guy pls tell me how to insert login box and register form in html page my site is this :