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  1. kreator12

    Count to 1 Million

    2365 android rockss
  2. kreator12

    Count to 1 Million

    2490 bottles
  3. kreator12

    Answer with question??

    is this hosting free?
  4. kreator12

    Problem Whith Browser Game

    just use ip detect for the country, or you can use php
  5. kreator12

    CMS suggestions

    Google docs is good, you can use IFRAME for linking to google site... that is my quick fix for you
  6. kreator12

    Firefox 4 is released!

    i am no longer using firefox, i am using chrome yeahhh
  7. kreator12

    Which is your favourite CMS ?

    i like playing with word press....
  8. kreator12

    simple jQuery image slider...

    you may look at this example: it's quite simple and it's free too :)
  9. kreator12

    Best Linux Distribution

    Ubuntu is the best i think
  10. kreator12

    Is iPod touch 4 worth it?

    I think android is far better than Iphone..
  11. kreator12

    about linux

    yes it is using linux.
  12. kreator12

    suggestion Java IDE (Linux)

    Use NetBeans it's installable with aptitude or you can use Eclipse, it's open source too
  13. kreator12

    Mail function doesnt work

    If the mail function doesnt work, you should see the phpmailer class, and you can use your gmail or other email with pop3 accounts to send email with it :)
  14. kreator12

    Best Linux Distribution

    I downloaded Puppy Linux last night and I think it works like magic, without installation we can do anything :)
  15. kreator12

    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    i have all below the PS2 but they are all emulators in my pc hehe
  16. kreator12

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    I like capcom fighting games.. nintendo is a good game company too, i like zelda very much.
  17. kreator12

    hello all

    Hello im new here and im now developing facebook application, i hope everything's going well for me and allof you 8-)