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  1. afterda3

    Lost password for DirectAdmin

    Seemingly my saved password no longer works on DirectAdmin and there is no option to reset password or help with a lost password. I'm using this link to login with : Please help.
  2. afterda3

    IP login ban please remove

    I have found the device that is causing wrong email login details and have removed the accounts from this device. Please remove the IP ban which has blocked my access to control panel etc. Thank you in advance and apologies for creating more work for you.
  3. afterda3 unreachable

    Once again I think I am IP blocked. Is it possible to whitelist my IP? If not please remove the block thank you! I am trying to identify the device and software in my LAN that is causing this issue. Old saved login details can cause this ban trigger right?
  4. afterda3

    Request additional disk space please

    I am looking to install OpenCart (among other addons) but it states: Space Required Available Space : 88.10 MB Required Space : 51.30 MB 423.8 MB / 512 MB Once installed there will be very little space left which leaves no room for futher development. Please may I have additional free disk...
  5. afterda3 unreachable

    Thanks, I removed all auto filled passwords that Thunderbird was repeatidly trying an old password to connect with. I can now access the "Hosting Control Panel", thank you.
  6. afterda3 unreachable

    If you have removed the block thanks. However I have an issue where I can login to x10hosting but then cannot gain access to the "Hosting Control Panel". I click this button "Hosting Control Panel" but it just says : This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
  7. afterda3 unreachable

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. I can login to but trying to click on the "Hosting Control Panel" creates the above time out error.
  8. afterda3

    Thunderbird email client: POP working but need IMAP settings help.

    I currently have the POP Mail Server working fine for my site, mail coming in and going out. POP Mail Server PORT : 110 SMTP PORT : 587 Connection security: STARTTLS Auth method : Normal password I previously had IMAP working okay but now it is broken after new install of email...
  9. afterda3

    Issues with email client login. Blocked?

    Okay I figured out POP3 and got that working, thanks. For some reason also instagram messages are finally being received in the inbox. Now all I need is IMAP working; which currently it is not. I require the settings. I should make a new thread as the title here isn't appropriate to my help...
  10. afterda3

    Issues with email client login. Blocked?

    I dont use pop3, I use IMAP (multi devices). I have 2 different mail server IP addresses: (taken from MX records in x10 hosting control panel) this was from an older setup in my email client, is it still used? It used to be working. I don't know what to do...
  11. afterda3

    Issues with email client login. Blocked?

    "you need to check instagram's settings for sending email." how do I do that if I cannot login?
  12. afterda3

    Issues with email client login. Blocked?

    Thank you for your reply. I am referring to using thunderbird client. It was previously working fine, then suddenly stopped with time outs. Also please check : Getting in touch with your email service provider to make sure that you're able to get emails from the...
  13. afterda3

    Issues with email client login. Blocked?

    Upon updating and reinstalling I believe I may have used the wrong password and inadvertently blocked myself out of using the email client. Please unblock thank you. "Connection to server timed out." I can use the webmail to view emails fine, but need the client working (I have...
  14. afterda3

    Website gone! "Apache is functioning normally"

    Yes I purged the cache. the tld is working okay, but the subdomain "www" does not. : works as it should via Cloudflare with SSL! : This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. : Error 1016 Origin DNS error...
  15. afterda3

    Website gone! "Apache is functioning normally"

    Done, thank you. How long does it take to propagate?
  16. afterda3

    Website gone! "Apache is functioning normally"

    Please help with this major problem as its been weeks (YES WEEKS!) since this started and still no solution. Ever since the transfer to Direct Admin I have had nothing but issues. Web setup is as follows: Domain provider name server to > cloudflare > x10hosting ...
  17. afterda3

    I keep getting blocked/locked out since Direct Admin.

    Using : I get this: clicking "Open cPanel" I get this: After waiting a while nothing happens so clicking "Retry" takes me back to image 1. I'm looped forever. I also cannot login via FTP using the "recommended" settings with the Filezilla FTP client...
  18. afterda3

    I keep getting blocked/locked out since Direct Admin.

    Once again I have issues with login, even though they have been saved. "Hmm, login details do not seem to be correct. Please try again." What is going on? How do I reset login and password? What username do I use ??????
  19. afterda3

    URGENT! password to account requiring reset

    I tired that thanks, changed the password and on relogin I met this screen: Clicking "Open cPanel" took me nowhere..... no Direct Admin here! Now I'm blocked out for some reason, I cannot see the login page anymore.
  20. afterda3 took too long to respond.

    It is again timed out.... and I haven't put an incorrect password in...! I am blocked! FTP failed attempts = block entire account ?