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    Problems receiving X10 email on my mobile phone

    I am on Absolut (I was moved from Starka) and since the move it seems that I can not see my email mailbox from my Android phone. I have set it up using the address and SSL as the guidance notes in cpanel say to do for email client setup. I am using my...
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    Why does the login keep looping?

    Thanks mraz. That worked. Rory
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    Can not stay logged into CPanel

    I log in via the account page and it keeps requiring me to re-login saying that my IP address has changed. What is going on? Rory
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    Why does the login keep looping?

    This is affecting me to. I am on Starka Rory
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    Emails rejected by Yahoo

    Oh! My emails are still being rejected with the same message!
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    Emails rejected by Yahoo

    Thanks SJ.Wolfe. I look forward to hearing this has been resolved. Rory
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    Emails rejected by Yahoo

    I just created an email address on X10 ( and sent my first test email to my yahoo email account. It was rejected by yahoo with the following error: SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host []...
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    PHP Large Project Development

    If you are doing a large scale project but none of the pages are too complex then I can recommend Dreamweaver since it writes the code for you! Also if you want it to do a little more you can tweak the code it has written.
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    I can not read posts at present

    I get a message saying I do not have the priviledge to see a thread when I try to open it. Edit: Just noticed this is just the Feedback and Suggestions forum!
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    The new x10 website is badly designed!

    Essellar - I think there were two issues. The fact that it was not immediatly clear from the x10hosting front page that comparison information was available but also, as you said, detailed lists of features. It is not about trying 'putting something over on someone' but simply if it can do what...
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    How do I use Shared SSL?

    I have seen posts saying that I need to use the address of <myusername><myusername>. I have also seen a recent post saying that the shared certificate is not working just yet. When it is working how do I make one of my add on domains use it? Can I define it with the document...
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    Help with Dreamweaver templates

    Thanks for the responses. walidno1. I think copy and pasting to a PHP include file is the simplest option given that DW does not manage this well. I think that is simpler than copy and pasting the changes to every page based upon the template. essellar. I understand that the code outside of the...
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    Help with Dreamweaver templates

    Thanks nuwanpra. Dreamweaver (I am using CS3 if that helps) does put code outside of HTML (before <!DOCTYPE> even). It does this with PHP server side code when you choose a server behaviour as I stated in previous messages. I know this because I am always curious as to what code it puts in and I...
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    Help with Dreamweaver templates

    In my last example of an events site I had the next event and news items on each page and thus in the template. Each of these extracted the relevant data from a database. This required Dreamweaver recordset server behaviours. I was using PHP/MySQL as my server model.
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    Help with Dreamweaver templates

    Hi Walidno1. Server scripting code often goes outside the HTML and sometimes must be outside HTML to work. If you have used Dreamweaver server behaviours (dymamic pages, forms, web applications etc) then you will have added code outside of HTML. I have created a template in the past that had...
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    Help with Dreamweaver templates

    I think this is the correct forum but apologies if not. I use Dreamweaver and I make good use of Dreamweaver templates so that changes I make to a template ripple through to all pages based on this template - a great timesaver. However, Dreamweaver seems to have a whole in this functionality and...
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    Website not up and Cpanel not available

    Sorry Corey but my site/cpanel is still not working! Thanks for your help
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    Website not up and Cpanel not available

    Typeing my default subdomain http:\\ tells me webpage not available. The account panel tells me that I am still suspended (from the last account move), and I am on server 'getupdated' - not heard of that one before. Clicking on 'Login to CPanel' tells me the webpage is not...
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    I can not log in to the forums

    My username is 'rdownes' for account and forums. I tried to change password from account panel and received a screen to set a challenge question and answer - this screen did not have a button and pressing return did not work either!!! EDIT: Sorry please ignore this thread - I forgot I have a...
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    Testing Paypal integration

    I am considering adding Paypal integration and the Paypal site seems to make it easy with supplied code but is there any way to test code - other than actually passing a transaction through Paypal?