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    Review new portfolio design.

    wow, nice portfolio concept...
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    Take a look at the design of my online portfolio & blog

    @Neil Hanlon, are you a we/graphic designer?
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    Help: Why I can't Access my CPANEL

    I can't access my cPanel when I login to my account at Is the server down?
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    Need Graphic editor [free]

    why, I can't browse the page? is it mentainance this current time?
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    flash banner marker

    Tris this one dude SWiSHmax2 2008.08.12 SWiSHmax, Flash creation taken to the maximum. SWiSHmax has everything you need to create stunning fully interactive Flash animations.
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    Check Out My New Site!

    Wow, very cute....:cool:
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    Better take a look at this
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    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    maybe with DW, combination of designing and programming
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    A little gift for x10Hosting community...

    nice mirror on the floor....
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    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    There's a free software download of DW CS3.. Just surf the net.. Maybe I use DW instead of notepad. It has a features of built design that NP don't have. Using notepad are for beginners. DW is a software with a combination of programming and designing. :) Bonbon Webmaster Prime...
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    New design, what do you think?

    th second one, horizontal color sceme effects makes the better....
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    *theory* Community Website

    Something I was accidentally open this forum topic, hehe, I read those replies and advice to this subject. Nice, I've learn a lot to pursue my plan for my new site for the future:) bon
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    Please comment to my simple portrait template I made... Simple template but good...
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    New artwork/t-shirt design?

    bob is my idol, looks good but RED color doesn't cool for my eyes....
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    Mals Gallery

    great banners...
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    Noob Drawing (Free Lolipop)

    very simple!!!
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    Graphics Design

    maybe it is..just try it first then hit back about peoples reaction...
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    Whats your Web Design Project?

    not good...
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    Nvu or Dreamweaver?

    DW is the best:cool: Edit: Hey dude >>TIGAMEMAKER...your too industrious to use notepad..hehehe
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    photo retouching ---> NEW my work.. I am a photo editor here in the Philippines..