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  1. knoxoqe

    Check Ads?

    I think there was some kind of php script to check if we had ads on our websites. Does this tool really exist or am i just imagining? If not, i would appreciate if one of the admins could check my page to see if there's any kind of problem with my ads. ( Thanks in...
  2. knoxoqe

    [OFFER] GFX / Sigs / Avatars / Banners

    Want a nice looking avatar or banner? You've come to the right place! I design them, you use them! Each item comes with a price, look below for all the details. Use this template when requesting your item: Price listing: Avatars: 5 - 25 points (if gif animated a 5 point fee will be added)...
  3. knoxoqe

    knoxoqe: directly from Portugal!

    Hello, bonjour, hallo, ciao, hola, こんにちは and OLÁ ("hello" in portuguese) to all of you! My nickname is knoxoqe as you can see and my real name is Pedro Moreira da Silva. I'm 16 years old and i currently live in the portuguese capital, Lisbon. I'm a arts student and i'm currently finishing my...
  4. knoxoqe

    3D Studio Max Tutorials

    3D graphics are awesome and really turn on your design creations. So, having this in mind, i thought i shared with you guys these tutorial collections :) 3D Tutorial Link Collection 3D CGTalk - 3DSMAX tutorials I (most of the links are broken) CGTalk - 3DSMAX...