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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    my view is that people shouldn't try to impose their beliefes on other people. Banning abortion would lead to less than safe methods of abortion being used illegaly.
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Hi, I have changed the name server to the x10 ones now what do I do thanks. PM me.
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    New blog like site

    added a new post to it about windows on debian.
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    Half life 1-2 + Futures

    Usually the poster makes a comment for people to say something to.......
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    Best x10 hosted Site?

    I think there was a database at some point, I do remember seeing one...... could have been somewhere else like
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    -! REVIEW my site!

    Posted a review on your site for you, seems like a good idea (already been done) but if you manage to make it better than all the others good luck to you!
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    Which PC Brand?

    Home made is the way to go!
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    Wordpress install error, please help

    I think they are updating or something when you login it tells you in the notices at the side
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    New blog like site

    It isn't just for the Wii it will be about all sorts eventually, if anyone fancies writing a tutorial for the site then just let me know.
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    Wordpress install error, please help

    I got this error when it was installed, mine was a problem with the plugins so you could try a manual install.....
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    New blog like site

    Yeah I am aware, I kept out the part about how to install the programme to play backed up games just incase. Do you have any suggestions for the layout?
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    New blog like site

    Thanks, I will get on it. I did write it at 12-1 in the morning tho :P
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    New blog like site

    Hey, Just thought id show you my site, its just a wordpress one but you might be interested in it. Thanks
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    nothing there....
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    All Sign-Ups Queued

    was wondering why it was taking so long. Good luck solving your problems :D
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    ARGs anyone?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone played any ARG's, if you do then feel free to inform us about it. This is a recent concept that I read about in a book called little brother by cory doctorow available free from the website or in book form. After I had read this book I was interested in the...
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    Clan Website

    After trying god knows how many times to create a good clan website I have decided to ask you lot :) I would be willing to pay upto about 750 credits for a complete clan site template (images and html) I would like it to be based on the Call Of Duty 4 game please. Thanks
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    Xbox live

    Hey if you play xbox live post your gamer tag and games you play online here. GT: Riggy Roly Games: COD4, Halo3, RS Vegas
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    Linux games

    Hey does anyone recomend any sim/strategy games for linux? Thanks
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    Xbox Live connection

    Hey, im on an ADSL conncetion and always have bad ping, is there any way i can improve this, im on an 8mb download 500kb upload. Thanks