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  1. dturton40

    Router Brands

    I gotta say first of all I would much prefer wires and do run unsightly wires myself, thats a small negative for the performance I gain over wireless but I suppose it depends on what you do really. Router wise I used to use Netgear but it seemed to be struggling, I had about 3 wired and 11...
  2. dturton40

    What was your first gaming machine or pc

    My first PC was an Intertan 386 SX running at 25Mhz, It had 2MB RAM and a 40MB Hard drive, I remember upgrading a DX maths co-processor, one of its special features was its 512kb VGA card. No CD ROM Drive because they weren't invented till a few months after I got it. Prior to that it was...
  3. dturton40

    Answer with question??

    Yes it is but where is the statement?
  4. dturton40

    N64 best games anyone?

    I've gotta go with Golden Eye, many a 1v1 night after the clubs
  5. dturton40

    Disk Space Policy Change

    LOL Im sure X10 dont just have 1 x 2TB drive, im pretty sure they are using a SAN and thin provision everyones account to some extent. If you have an unlimited account your space (folder) will grow as required.
  6. dturton40

    who is COMPUTER Engineer here

    I sell Servers, SAN storage and virtualization solutions for a living.
  7. dturton40

    20 ways to protect your google adsense account-earn money safely

    Thanks for the update I havent looked at any adsense stuff will be taking a look soon.
  8. dturton40

    Free Software Suggestions

    I found this useful in the early days for designing the site Software Category: Web Design Software Name: Web+ Starter Edition Short Description: WISYWIG takes the fun out of html Link:
  9. dturton40

    My BF 3 Settings - whats everyone else getting

    You can download an application called fraps, just install that, press f12 in game and your fps will come up in the top left hand corner, you can also do video capture with fraps as well (although I saved a full screen hi-res, high fps video with 30 secs of footage and took up 1.2GB - so...
  10. dturton40

    My BF 3 Settings - whats everyone else getting

    I dont run windows with a swap file on my SSD drives, also run a few Virtual Machines as well, would thoroughly recommend an SSD drive though. Anyone out there on BF3??
  11. dturton40

    My BF 3 Settings - whats everyone else getting

    Just thought I'd give you my fps with my 2gb 5970, tested using fraps (using driver version 10.9 - 10.10 still seems very flakey and messes up in Windows a lot imo) System is 4.4GHz i7 930, 24GB RAM, Win 7 64bit Ultra, lots of watercooling 1920x1200 All settings on Ultra no AA = 110fps...
  12. dturton40

    Input wanted for new tech book

    Personally speaking the hard stuff will come with time if people are willing to learn, the most difficult part initially was actually getting everything setup, I have been in IT for 20 years but I come from a hardware world and software is an entirely new thing for me to get my head around. I...
  13. dturton40

    Post your specs

    24" 1920 x 1200 Screen and a 20" 1920 x 1080 screen i7 930 at 4.6GHz check link :) (CPU temp 39c) 24GB RAM now 2GB XFX Radeon 5970 (temp 30c) PCI-e OCZ Revo 120gb SSD and OCZ Vertex 2 120gb SSD Lots of watercooling All crammed in a...
  14. dturton40

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Battlefield 3 on pre-order, still have months to wait for it though :(
  15. dturton40

    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    I will try and have a look at some point, I have a spare HDD or two laying around which I can install to, but still happy with Win 7 at the moment, its a shame Win7 wont have the same sort of lifespan as XP which because it was out for so long like server 2003 has become a really stable platform...
  16. dturton40

    Dusting up

    Personally I probably did it all the wrong way round and learning from my experience I would get the domain name first (that gives you the idea for creating your brand / site), then think about who you want to host it with - you will need to do a domain name transfer if you hosting company is...
  17. dturton40

    Have a peek see what you think

    Thankyou very much for your comments, ill do some shuffling around of a few bits and completely get what you are saying Esselar. This proves to me the review my site section really does work, updates to page coming soon :)
  18. dturton40

    Have a peek see what you think

    Oh this doesnt bode too well, I have been told that security software blocks the site because of threats found on other other subdomains that use .PCRIOT, Macafee is one of those that blocks access, AVG seems OK though. I think I've just found the catch with using a free hosting service...
  19. dturton40

    Have a peek see what you think

    I'd be interested to get feedback on my site and the idea of my site. It is still work in progress as I now need to the boring bit and add more content but the essence is there. Please also feel free to get yourself on the forums, I need to start getting that active, any ideas...
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    In addition to the message above I can send mails from the webistes email address and that seems to work great, I still dont appear to be receiving emails. ---------- Post added at 10:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:36 PM ---------- seems to be all sorted now,thanks if anyone did anything