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  1. anamik.maju44

    Should I keep up a site that is incomplete?

    Yes you can. There is no problem until you have index page of your site.
  2. anamik.maju44

    What do you think of my website?

    It is a simple website and yeah it is well-arranged.
  3. anamik.maju44

    Could you review my Gaming site, please?

    Nice Gaming website. It is well-designed and it looks attractive. Keep it up!
  4. anamik.maju44

    My Personal Site

    Great site. But I think you should add more information about your site to give your site visitors the clear idea about your site. Everything is working fine and keep up with your graphics design.
  5. anamik.maju44

    My Review Site Please

    Your site is well designed. However, I would suggest you to add language translation functionality in your website as it helps the visitors to read the information in their own languages. I myself don't understand the language you have used in your website. Other than that, every thing is...
  6. anamik.maju44

    Review my site

    That's a great site indeed. Keep it up!
  7. anamik.maju44

    Check Out My Ajax/Mysql Chat!

    I have just reviewed your website(English one). You have a good sign up form indeed. Your background is also good. Nice work. Keep it up!
  8. anamik.maju44

    Review my site

    I can't see your link. Please provide your site link at first. Thanks.
  9. anamik.maju44

    Please, review my website!

    You have indeed a great website which suites for commercial field. It appears that your site is non English. However, navigation bars are cool. The main part of a business website is the contact system. The customers will be able to contact through an email form or they can post their opinion in...
  10. anamik.maju44

    Review My Health & Fitness Site

    Well, your website is working perfectly. No problem. You have provided sufficient information. Your site is perfectly designed and no problems found. Good job! Keep it up!
  11. anamik.maju44

    Review my site please

    I have just reviewed your website. The thing which I like the most is the header image. But there are no urls or links on your site other than register link. I would suggest you to add a beautiful navigation bars and some images to your website. These materials will surely make your site better...
  12. anamik.maju44

    What makes a great website?

    Before you create a site, you have to do proper planning, like, which content to put on which part of the site. This is a very important task. Moreover, you must know that the website should be informative with eye-catching images. Colour combination matters as well. These are the basic things...
  13. anamik.maju44

    Check out my new Photoblog

    Oh your site looks good. Your website design is eye-catching. Keep it up! Best of luck and keep adding more wonderful images to your site!
  14. anamik.maju44

    Review my forum software

    Well done. As a beginner, the result is quite good. It appears that you have emphasised on functionality more than styling. It is not at all horrible, your site looks good. But I would recommend you to put emphasis on styling also as styling and site designing is the main factor for driving...
  15. anamik.maju44

    Beware Designs

    You are most welcome... :lol:
  16. anamik.maju44

    Beware Designs

    Your site is great having a good colour combinations. Your menu bar is almost fine. Moreover, your forum is well-arranged. Good work, keep it up!
  17. anamik.maju44

    Please review this Site before I place a Domain Name.

    You are most welcome cyborgx2!!
  18. anamik.maju44

    Please review this Site before I place a Domain Name.

    Amazing website! Navigation bar of your site looks great and it is well-designed. Good work, and keep it up!
  19. anamik.maju44

    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    Neobux is scam as usual, no one should waste time clicking their ads. There are more ways to earn money online other than this.
  20. anamik.maju44

    Review my Site

    I have reviewed your gaming website. I would like to suggest you some ideas and methods for making your website better. As other members said, you have to improve style and UI. Other than this - 1. In order to make a good impression on the new visitors, you can list some TOP and BEST, I mean...