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  1. Masta111


    Can a moderator or admin put ads on my site for me? I dont have enough time to do it.
  2. Masta111

    Site wont work after unsuspension

    Hi, i recently got my site unsuspended, and now my domain( wont work.
  3. Masta111


    how come i cant get into facebook with pcriot?
  4. Masta111

    Web Mail Programs

    Hi, are there other web mail programs that are faster excluding horde?
  5. Masta111

    Account Deleted?

    How come my x10hosting site is deleted and also the one that i payed 700 x10 cash for?
  6. Masta111

    forgot domain name

    Hi, i forgot my domain name, can i refund it or seomthing, if i cant, can u tell me what it is?
  7. Masta111

    new ad?

    wtf i got a katie holmes mexico add on my site. that is the x10hosting advertising code. is that supposed to be like that?
  8. Masta111

    [REQ]200 Points For Program

    I need a counter-strike 1.6 vac proof PRIVATE hack. I will not accept public hacks. I only accept PRIVATE AND NEW MADE hacks.:lockd:
  9. Masta111

    My site - comments? it is my counterstrike 1.6 clan.
  10. Masta111


    Hi, how come my site is so slow?
  11. Masta111


    When does my account get transferred to the new server? its been days.....
  12. Masta111

    Buttons - 50 points a piece

    Hi, can somebody make me buttons from these? i need them so that its blueish with like a shining effect in the middle like mine. So what i want to do is whenever i hover my mouse over a button, it turns into a bluish shining effect like my silver one. If you dont get what i mean, ask me. AIM...
  13. Masta111

    Setting passwords to downloads

    Hi, how do i set a password to downloads so that they will have to have a password to download the file witout using php nuke and that good stuff?
  14. Masta111

    java code for 200 pts

    Hi, can somebody program me 2 programs? i will give them 100 pts a piece. ONLY JAVA!! Program 1: Make a program that runs on cmdprompt that: Reverses Case of the typed string: EX. I type in HeLlO, then they reverse it to hElLo. it has to be automatic and for each letter. Program 2: same thing...
  15. Masta111

    php nuke

    after i installed php nuke, how do make a link on the left menu to my forum? my forum adress is
  16. Masta111

    y always down?

    why is my http always down??
  17. Masta111

    How to...

    how do i get a forum into my site? like i want a site, then i want a forum. but not any forum. i want my own forum. how do i do that?
  18. Masta111


    How do i set up my site so that people can download from it for example, i have a zip file that i want people to download called i want it to be How do i do thaT?
  19. Masta111

    Complete offers

    hi, can someone complete me offers? ill give them 100 points for each person. Do that one if ur interested it only takes 1 min.
  20. Masta111

    Cash mod

    what is cash mod? is it like x10 cash?