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  1. Mindbleed

    Who likes the New Google Chrome

    Google has just come out with a new Browser! It has been designed from the bottom up and is extremely fast. Read about it here: Download it here:
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    I use AVG. I don't know why you would pay when you do not have to. Also, just use Firefox, and there will never be any viruses to worry about anyway.
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    Will DRM ever win?

    DRM is kinda impossible considering illegal copying has been around as long as we have had the ability to copy. When someone finally comes out with a DRM to end all DRMs, people won't buy music/movies from that source, because it will have to be in an extremely invasive format that people will...
  4. Mindbleed

    Internet Chain Letters?

    O don't even get me started. I cannot stand Chain Mail. I usually have to bash my friends repeatedly before they finnaly stop sending them. Favorite thing about Facebook: No Forward Feature I got the Advanced wall or w/e for a bit and got 3 chain messages in like a day.
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    Kick Me

    I would probably kick them and then take it off.
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    Money vs Happiness

    I said Happiness, But that is just because you were cheating. Just because you have lots of money, does not mean you are so unhappy. Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure helps.
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    What scares you the most?

    Well I voted for the Spider myself, but I only find spiders scary in real life. Conversely, I do not fear any kind of supernatural thing in real life because I do not believe that they exist. But when it comes to a flash game, I would think something more like ghosts because spiders would not...
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    Why and how did so many weapons reach mars in the game Doom 3?

    Well the marines are also there to watch over the scientists. The whole thing is that we start to figure out that UAC is probably not the most legitimate company. For example, the whole green goo bi-product of the Hydrogen and Water extractor thingy. Also, for all we know UAC was planning to...
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    GoldenEye: Source

    Has Anyone here heard of Goldeneye: Soruce? It is a mod for the Steam Source engine and you can download it if you have Half-Life 2, CS or something like that. It is trying to recreate the original Goldeneye multiplayer with the source engine. It is still in beta and is really glitchy but it...