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    download screen for website

    so when you download something firefox will like ask you to open with <programs> or save file and there button ok or cancel ... know what i talking about? .. is there a way to change that?
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    Slice my template

    what you mean by sliced ?
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    Earn credits by playing games!

    I have an account already... nice games you got there
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    50 credits to post once on my forum.

    is it 50 for posting once, can it be 50 per post? so if i post 2 posts do i get 100 ? btw i posted
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    htaccess, mod_rewrite, 404?

    I use RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^page/(.*)$ /index.php?user=$1 but not your [a-zA-Z0-9_]
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    Calendar Links

    ............ I asking, are there a way that will automatically add all the links, like jan 1 go jan 1 , 2 to 2, 3 to 3, I not going to add all the links for a year...or years... so i want to see if there is a script that will automatically set links for ALL days...
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    Calendar Links

    I find this he say $days is an optional array that can contain information you want to specify for each day, including a location to link that day to, a stylesheet class for that day, and any content you want to appear for that day of the...
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    Calendar Links

    I have a calendar, have days on it, and I want to create links for each day, but I do not manually add each link for everyday... so how can i create something so that day 1 will go to day 1 page, 2 will go to 2, without I adding the links to each one of them ?
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    hey you know the flashy link thingy i see that on some professional templates the one need $$, how you made that?
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    [REQ][5 credits]Everyone on X10 please help!!!

    Re: Everyone on X10 please help!!! What kind of school need people to install phpbb >>>>>? anyway i register hope that help
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    Display phpbb3 in a joomla page?

    So i get the login part of joomla to login to phpbb, but I want to show my forums in the joomla without go to a different page of forums because forums dont have the links...I try to google it but i don't know keywords and stuff so anyone know?
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    [variable credits]XTallions script install service

    nvm about that one then, what about getting phpbb3 display in a window of joomla? like in part of the joomla page instead of go to a new phpbb3 page get what i mean ?
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    How you make word "disappear"

    I don't see the tutorial Trixter I only see people say nice job nice job
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    How you make word "disappear"

    You know how people make words disappear like color it with color in the background ... I trying to make the 3 actor in here to copy and paste in my picture, and there some words on the "body" of the middle...
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    What do you think about me....

    lol i don't think we need to know you was coughing... I don't see any post you made would make people think you are bad...
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    [variable credits]XTallions script install service

    You know how to get joomla work with phpbb3 ?
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    I will give 100 credits to anyone can tell me a step by step instruction on how to get joomla login thingy work with phpbb.
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    [REQ][20+ credits]Post on my forum

    You paid one day early? it still 23 here...I will post more tutorials...
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    horror story

    i google some horror stories and they are good but my paper need a theme, like a universal idea of the story....there theme settings, conflicts, point of view, characters, foreshawdowings........................................................................ why the teach want horror stories, i...
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    horror story

    I need to write a 4 pages paper on horror stories anyone have an idea... i can't think of anything..