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    Requesting staff for magazine

    Hi, I have created an independent games magazine called IndieGo, and need a couple more people to write reviews/news/columns in it. Staff will not get paid but will get free games and obviously the experience of working for a magazine where you will learn many skills. We have partnerships with...
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    Review my blog for a secret project

    Hi, I made this on moonfruit its a blog sort of thing for a secret project im working on:
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    Please fill in my survey for new gaming magazine

    Please could everyone fill in the survey below to help me with a new idea I am working on. If it helps I'll give credits to everyone who print screens the submit screen to prove they have filled...
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    [0 credits] Site Giveaway

    Hi, My site is iGames, It has been running for over a year and currently has one more year left on its domain with no running fees currently. It has recieved 16,000 page views over its life time with consitant 1,000 page view and monthing traffic. I am currently studying...
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    Help with iframe code

    Hi, my site is a free online games site where we develop our own games. Untill recently all our own games worked fine being put on the site by opening them in java and extracting the exe from the zip folder. Now an error comes up saying it cannot find the file but if you look in the iframe code...
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    Selling Site and Domain

    Hi my site is and would like to sell it with its domain. Traffic info: The site is debt free and the domain has another year and 3 months on it. Offers in excess of $10 pay by pay pal thanks.
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    Selling Site and Domain

    Help With selling site/domain Hi I have a site which I am currently looking into trying to sell. To start of with what should be a competitive asking price for the domain or the whole site. It has made no money with no loss either with traffic info here...
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    Review Games site

    thank you for your comments
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    Review Games site

    Oh right well it may well be my internet connection then. Anyone else have any views on the loading time
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    Review Games site

    Hi, My site is and most the pages load at good speed but the homepage is slower, possibly due to the ammount of graphics. Can anyone give me some tips on how to speed the homepage up ?
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    ideas for story mode for online game

    Hi, My site is We have started making our own games an recently released WWII Ground Defence This Game was pretty basic with only one mode in it but we decided it had potential for bigger things. The next version with have online...
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    Free Advertising Space competition!

    found that entertaining to read-I can ensure you I will not be telling someone the answer :)
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    Free Advertising Space competition!

    Hi, I run a free online games site. After growing considerably in the last three months we decided to make an achievments/ trophies system for the games we make, the system is currently it testing but we don't have a name. Marketing something like this right could make a big...
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    Sorted now :)

    Sorted now :)
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    Review my Homepage design

    Hi, My site is and its nearly finished design wise on the homepage. However I'm not sure on the colours for each box on the home page. the site is intended for 12-20+ year olds really so what colours should I use instead.
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    Easily generate site traffic

    Nice concept although I've always been split with two minds with these free traffic sites where you click on a site to get a click back on yours. Mainly because most people don't look at the content on the site meaning that surely page views per visitors from this sites must be a 1:1 ratio
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    iGames:The Place for free online games

    Thanks we are currently working on a top down defence game based in WW2 including an igame shop were you spend you money earnt in game to buy new maps etc!
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    iGames:The Place for free online games

    Game maker is very novice but thats why we are using it, its free and easy to get hold of at the moment its just a quick way of producing exclusive content untill we use a proper system. As for the logo I feel the logo is perfect and you are possibly the only person ever to comment on needing...
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    iGames:The Place for free online games

    Hi I am the creator of one of the best sites in the uk for online gaming. We are slowly starting to make our own games so go and check the site out now! We are currently looking for anyone with expierence with game maker to work for us as its the software we use at the moment...
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    Help with my Game

    Hi I have made a quick game that has some bugs on it so ignore them but i need feedback on the iframe im using to publish the game. Also despite the fact the embed code is there I'd rather no one pinched it at the moment because the game isn't ready to be...