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  1. mikakitty

    can not connect to server / cpanel

    Hi, Im getting the same error too. I tried to log on multipule times already. Its been like this since Tuesday Evening for me. I get the same Error Message over and over again. You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please...
  2. mikakitty

    what do you think about the psp?

    No but seriously I would love the PSP with full cellphone cap. As well as digital Camera. Does sony even make cellphones? Btw I Love Patapoin ^__^ just sharing.
  3. mikakitty

    what do you think about the psp?

    I wish I could use it as a phone. that way i dont have to carry so much stuff round. But I like it. I want to see if LBP gets released for psp ..... that would be really cool.
  4. mikakitty

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    So like there is this HUGE ice storm coming tomorrow. Im hoping its all talk and it ends up being cold rain. ^_^ That and Golden Gramhams. ^_^ :nuts:
  5. mikakitty


    I've heard of it and almost played it. But im trying to stay away form anything to addicting.
  6. mikakitty

    X10 = spammers!

    I dont get it? What is he talking about? or She.
  7. mikakitty

    How are you guys holding up with our economic troubles?

    Yea okay. I cant find a job. Is that cause I invested in a kitty stock and not a puppy stock? Job listings are down to one PAGE in the newspaper. Add to that school expenses and living expenses. I want money to pay for the roof over my head not credit cards. You need to seriously...
  8. mikakitty

    Left 4 Dead

    Can anyone get the expert achievement? I've tried and for some reason at the end I didnt recieve it.
  9. mikakitty

    Favorite Old School Games

    Doctor Mario Super Mario Megaman anything So many choices I love side scrolling games w00t OMG MARIO ftw!
  10. mikakitty

    Left 4 Dead

    Totally agree Its awesome nothing like low end mods and there are so many more aspects when you play versus
  11. mikakitty

    Left 4 Dead

    lol its not like any other zombie game i've played so it doesnt seem common. I usually hate these kind of games. But this one with the teamwork and stuff is addicting...
  12. mikakitty

    Anyone play BF2 or BF2142?

    I stopped playing bf2 and starting playing bf2142 BF2 is my all time favorite but no one pays it much anymore
  13. mikakitty

    Far Cry 2

    There are sooooo many customs maps oooo mmmm gggg......... Some of them are so god awful and some are great... People seem to be customizing maps more then playing ranked servers.
  14. mikakitty

    360 vs. ps3

    I sold my 360 for a Playstation 3....
  15. mikakitty

    Gathering of 3D graphic workers and animators

    My boyfriend uses 3dsMax. He is teaching it to me. But I wonder sometimes whats the difference between that and Maya and then I googled it and WOAH was that to much. There are Maya Fanboys and 3dsMax Fanboys........ Nothing is clear other then maya might be better for character creation
  16. mikakitty

    Fallout 3

    I like it but 100 hours gameplay Jeezus I will never be able to do that lol thats a lot of TIME!
  17. mikakitty

    New Nintendo DS

    I totally agree on the megapixels its weak i hope they reconsider that...... Two of them too? Thats strange...... As for the psp and the DS ...... they are completely different...... cant compare the two ...... completely different games and completely different game play......
  18. mikakitty

    Far Cry 2

    I think the graphics arent as great as crysis cause the game its self is so customizable ........ but thats a guess........ >_> I think it loooks good.
  19. mikakitty

    Far Cry 2

    I played farcry and i didnt like it....... I played crysis and granted EA stoled it ........ but I didnt like it either......... Something tells me i wont like Farcry2.... IT has a lot of Fanboys though so Im guessing it will do will.
  20. mikakitty

    Corey Got married!!

    Congrats............. Salud Dinero Y Amor ^_^ :laugh: