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  1. lahue

    How to add a outside domain?

    So I purchased a domain through another site and have already set up the nameservers. But how do I specify it so that that when someone visits my URL is uses x10 as the host?
  2. lahue

    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    lotus is down for me as well. I do have a couple directories missing on my server. Do you guys keep any kind of backups?
  3. lahue

    My Wordpress

    So I left for work today with my wordpress working. I come back and its broke. It tried to download the wordpress files. I tried to delete everything and start fresh and it still does it. Please help.
  4. lahue

    In Need Of New Banner

    Thank you for your help, I am currently using the banner. Is there anyway to remove the black border? And keep the crisp look of the pirate from the first banner? Do you happen to have a psd file?
  5. lahue

    In Need Of New Banner

    Very Nice, Is there anyway to make the pirate a little less blurry and rounded corners? It fits well with the site. Edit: Sry for some reason I cant edit, anyway to make thinner? Like 110 or 112 ish.
  6. lahue

    In Need Of New Banner

    This is my current banner. I was wondering if anyone could help me design a new one. It would have to contain the pirate, the info, and the two colors. The pirate can be found at Please let me know if anyone can help me. I'm just looking at creating...
  7. lahue

    Please Review

    Thank you guys so much for everything so far. I am looking for new fonts, removing underlines, and trying different colors. I have to stick with the general shades of purple and gold/yellow. I am deff looking into something that can help w/ banners, any ideas?
  8. lahue

    Please Review

    I was able to change a couple of things: "Please Click On A Tab" Is Now Removed RSS Has Been Deleted (It Was Never Kept Current) Made Footer Smaller Removed The Click Heres If anyone can assist: New Pirate? Also How To Remove The Underlines for Hyperlinks Any Suggestions For Font Family? I...
  9. lahue

    Please Review

    I've been working on a site for my school, and I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought. Check It Out And Let Me Know What You Think
  10. lahue

    Suspended Account

    Got my account suspended, need it unsuspended, my username is lahue