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  1. bigmanbfa2

    Age of Conan!

    hey, just wanted to let you guys know that there's a AoC Guild called Fade to Darkness that is accepting new members. The guild is for all types of players (PvP, PvE, RP), and is also looking to form alliances with other guilds. Check us out at Pe@cE
  2. bigmanbfa2

    Ranking System?

    I've noticed that almost EVERYONE on this site has a single green cube as their rank that says (blahblahblah on a distinguished road). Is there an actual ranking system here or just the green cube?
  3. bigmanbfa2

    Assassins' Creed.

    hey, I'm thinking about buying Assassins' Creed soon, but I was wondering if anyone here had played it yet and would share their experience. is it worth the cash???
  4. bigmanbfa2

    ASP.NET Database questions.

    just a few questions, I already saw the post titled "Access a mysql database in". What is the connectivity drivers in use for the x10 crossacks server? is it ODBC (prolly not being *nix), MONO, or something else? Also, I tried connecting as well and got the error 40 (by default not...
  5. bigmanbfa2

    FTP accounts page.

    this isn't a major issue, but deffinately a hassle when managing FTP accounts. I'm in 1280x1024 resolution on my PC and running IE7, and the 'manage FTP accounts' page is pretty messed up. The username field has the password field's stuff in it and basically the template is misconstrued. I...
  6. bigmanbfa2

    Operating System Developers?

    Hey, any OS devers here? if so, what have you accomplished so far? I am working on D.i.N.S. (Drop-in Network Security). It is a dedicated p2p & torrent filter, bi-directional firewall, IDS, and can be configured in both transparent mode and proxy. It is in the alpha stage and runs in PMode...
  7. bigmanbfa2


    Hey, I got my hosting account a few days ago, just thought I'd drop in and say hello to everyone. I'm working on a site that gives tutorials for various programming languages, both software and web based. There will also be an Operating System development tutorial with (hopefully) a custom...
  8. bigmanbfa2

    ASP handler?

    hi, what is the apache handler name for .asp files? I tried some basic ASP & AJAX stuff and they just displayed the html parts. Thanks