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  1. saevus

    account suspended due to server move

    Hi there, it seems my account has been suspended due to a server move. Could you please unsuspend me. Thanks saevus domain: the suspention details are as follows: Your Account is Currently Suspended Your hosting account with the username is...
  2. saevus

    no access to mail cpanel etc

    Yep, thanks, everything is back up and running smoothly. Edit: closing thread
  3. saevus

    no access to mail cpanel etc

    Hi there, my account was successfully unsuspended and I can see my account details, however, my site is missing (timeout) as well as access to cpanel, mail and ftp. Server details says that evverything is up and running without problems. Could you...
  4. saevus

    504 gateway error

    Hi there everyone, im getting a 504 gateway error when trying to access my site the acount is unsuspended and I can get into cpanel via Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Saevus
  5. saevus

    SQL problems

    Hi there guys, im still having problems and get this error: The MySQL error was: Access denied for user 'saevus_drpl1'@'localhost' (using password: YES). Currently, the username is saevus_drpl1 and the database server is localhost. I already, re-added the user saevus_drpl1 and as you can see...
  6. saevus

    dns? probs

    Hi there guys, could you please help here. My site is not resolving on (which it did last week) now I only get in via Is it possible to have have the dns point both instances to my site, iet both with and without the www. Thanks a lot...
  7. saevus

    please help us with our addondomains

    Hi there anyone on the staff, please could someone help us poor sods who have been posting for days on the server support thread about the addon domain problems with absolut. MOst of us are experiencing errors which state that "there is an error from the park wrapper", stating that our...
  8. saevus

    addon domain prob

    Hi there Guys, my addon domain has been removed (with the upgrades) and in Cpanel it lists that I have no addon domains at the moment, however, when I try to re-add the domain, I get a Cpanel error stating that the domain is alredy configured. I leave the resolution of...
  9. saevus

    Pleased to meet ya!

    Hi there people, Ive been around X10 for a few months now, but would like to introduce myself. I own an IT company in South Africa, doing mainly IT support and some sales. Ive recently branched out ino selling airsoft guns -what fun! Im also currently busy with my Doctorate in Law -- so...
  10. saevus

    X10 Rules

    thanx Corey and Team for this excellent facility. I have been around the free-hosting scene and have had the most nightmarish experiences (hosting providers just disapperaring overnight etc). This is by far the best provider out there. Its even better than my paid hosting provider here in...
  11. saevus

    cpanel woes

    Hi there Guys, For some reason I cannot even get to cpanel. When I follow the link I get a timeout error from both ie7 and firefox 2 and safari stating something to thie effect: The server at is taking too long to respond...
  12. saevus

    problem with adondomain startpage?

    Hi there guys, im having the strangest problem with my adon domain: when I navigate to in ie7 and firefox, i get these messages instead of my homepage: Warning: include_once(./sites/default/settings.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open...