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  1. nathaniel.bent12

    Looking for criticism and critique!

    Hey everyone! I recently created a blog for me and my friends to talk about music on. It's currently located at While we only have a little content so far, i really am excited about how its going to develop. I am still trying to make the website as readable and visually...
  2. nathaniel.bent12

    Fansite Review

    Its not a bad site by any means, but I do think that there are some small changes that would greatly improve it. Increasing the size of the text and making the text area larger would both improve readibility, and changing the color scheme or the format of the page would make it more visually...
  3. nathaniel.bent12

    Review my website :)

    I agree with the other comments, this is a very professionally designed and executed website. This is the kind of thing that I eventually would like to use my website for, among other things. Very clean and organized
  4. nathaniel.bent12

    Could the SQL server be down?

    Thank you for your time, I was just wondering if the SQL server for my website could be down. I ask because my website ( or no longer shows the post which I created or allows me to login. I have checked the user name and password combination in phpmyadmin...
  5. nathaniel.bent12

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I use X10 for hosting my personal blog ( check it out if you're bored haha) and for whatever project I feel like playing around with. I use wordpress, but I've tried almost every system for blogging, forums and galleries. That said, I normally don't push the envelope too much...
  6. nathaniel.bent12

    Post your specs

    Pretty generic college kid computer: 15-inch MacBook Pro (unibody) Intel Core2Duo @ 2.66 ghz Nvidia GeForce 9400m/9600m 4 GB DDR3 RAM 320 GB Harddisk (5,400 RPM) I dual booth with OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Its a solid computer, and I haven't broke anything yet (other than the bluetooth...
  7. nathaniel.bent12

    Paid or Free Hosting

    This is definitely not a slam on X10hosting (or any other host I've used recently, really) but in my experience I've had much better luck with paid services. On free servers I've always had to hop around to deal with outages or services just going out of business. In three years I've used maybe...
  8. nathaniel.bent12

    SMF or MyBB

    I haven't run a forum in quite a few years, but back when I did I always preferred SMF. Four or five years ago (I can't believe its been that long :eek:) SMF had a much more active community from what I understand, and I found it much more fun and easy to work with. At the time I was also...
  9. nathaniel.bent12

    need phpbb3 themes.

    The official phpBB website has some okay ones, I didn't look through em all but the ones I saw were decent. Heres the link to their database When I last had a forum (a few years ago) I normally just mulled Google until I found one that I liked, it can take a while though