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  1. moose

    Help me.. NAT settings..

    Hey, I've had a problem since I moved to this new apartment. The hispeed internet is already accessable from the wall. It was already there when I got there, and seems to come to my room, through a router, that I cannot access. So, the cool people here have denied access for Gnutella ports...
  2. moose

    Mozilla Buys IE??

    "Mozilla Buys Internet Explorer" Now.. is this really true?! Doing some more research since this may just be an April fools joke.. haha
  3. moose

    Windows Product Activation Questions..

    So, I FINNALLY was able to get my laptop boot. I already got Windows XP installed on it. Now.. This laptop came with Windows XP, activated at the store. I reformatted the drive, and try to activate with the Product Key on the sticker.. Says I have the wrong key.. Ok, so I reformat my...
  4. moose

    Skinning PHPBB?

    Well I've been editing the default skin, and have come pretty far with it. But I think I could make a better skin when I'm able to work from ground up. I've searched on google, but have had no luck. If anybody knows anything that could help me, please. Thanks in advance.
  5. moose

    [PS] Making A Userbar

    If you follow this tutorial, you should have a userbar done in less than 15 minutes! Before you start, here are a list of things you may need to see. First, download the font, Visitor TT2 -BRK- and install it (Brandon) before you open up PS. How to add strike lines. [Step 5]...
  6. moose

    [PS] Making Simple Borders

    Here's a simple tutorial on making simple borders to finish up your sig. A varient to this is located below step 4. ONLY 4 STEPS. PLEASE READ. [STEP ONE] [STEP TWO] [STEP THREE] [STEP FOUR] Now for people who want a varient to this, on step 3, you can add a 3px...
  7. moose


    OK. I am bored out of my mind right now. I've been out of luck with graphics for a while because of my latest Easy Tiger sig. I really don't think I can make anything 'better' than that. Maybe more complex but not better. I guess I really did good expressing myself with the sig. But yeah, just...
  8. moose

    HTML Ad Code.

    Oh no.. This page isn't working.. I just made a new IPB skin and can't use PHP in it.. Could someone supply me with the HTML Ad codes? Thanks in advance :)
  9. moose

    Question about Arcade

    Not really a suggestion unless it's something bad, but I keep getting this.. Your score won't be stored in Database because the Arcade only saves users top score per Game. I got a 52 in 3D Championship Golf. A 52!! GRRRB. So yeah, I got this in a couple other games too. What exactly is it?
  10. moose

    Prey - New style of game.

    Has anyone seen this game preview? Graphics look top noch, physics seem new and looks pretty fun. Crazy how games are improving in so many aspects.
  11. moose

    Embeding Forums into Website?

    I am currently working on a huge upgrade for my website, and will be wanting some help with a couple of things. I'm most likely going to be coding/designing by myself. I just would like a few help on getting tutorials while I set up the basic base of the website. One of the things that I would...
  12. moose

    Education + Thoughts on the stance humans are at.

    Please read all of this before replying.. I wrote it for a reason. So after I came over here to Japan for a short period of time, I have been studying for the entrace exam tests over here to some crazy schools that are at the highest levels over here. Just an ongoing topic again, but would...
  13. moose

    Please help.. [Copyright Conserns ish?]

    Hey, well I'm somewhat conserned about my artwork. Right now, I only use my moose emblem to sign my work. Anybody could stick their name on it and use it. I know about the CC (creative commons) but don't know too much about it. I was wondering if there's a hosting thing or something that...
  14. moose

    New sig 3 + 4

    Just wanting to know people's oppinions. You don't have to tell met that "Listen Up" is too light. I know. -ListenUp- -EasyTiger- Will use my Easy Tiger one for now :)
  15. moose

    Windows + Linux Dual Booting Help

    Hey, so yeah, I'm definately gonna find out how to dual boot linux with my win XP to stay. Just yeah, I'm definately lazy and have exams for the nex 4 days, having to wake up at like, 5:30 in the mornings. Ghey. Sooo, I don't want this thread to be just another thread to post all you want...
  16. moose

    Coming Soon

    Haha, ummm WTF??
  17. moose

    cPanel Slow + FTP randomly not working..

    Well for the most part the title says it all. cPanel has been loading slow at times, and my FTP will work for a little, then after a little bit, it doesn't work so I have to go into the File Manager in the cPanel which loads slow. Any idea whats going on? Thanks in advance :)
  18. moose

    Custom Cellphone Wallpapers [10 points each]

    I recently got a new phone. (The white one :)) If you clicked on the link, you can see that it is a slide phone and the screen is huge. 240x400 to be exact. I couldn't wallpapers of the right size, or creative designs so I started to make my own. I will take 7 requests, see how that goes, and...
  19. moose

    New Signature 2

    So I used the same kind of stye again. Feedback would be apprechiated as always :)
  20. moose

    Invision Power Board 2.0 Final LEGAL Download

    Ok, so I've seen a few topics talking about forums, and came past one that was locked, but was talking about distributing NULLIFIED downloads. I think that everyone should respect the developers, and if they ask for money for their product, you either buy it, save up, or just forget it. But...